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NCSOFT Announces Frantic Arena Battle Game Battle Crush

As we know, NCS OFT changes its strategy and diversifies its game catalog: in parallel with its large-scale titles (the MMORPG Throne and Liberty), the South Korean giant also intends to offer much more modest games, sodded to varied audiences.
After the occasional game Puzzle Amino announced at the beginning of the month, NCS OFT officially announces Battle Crush today (which knew under the code name Project R).
Battle Crush takes the form of a frenzied Darlene game featuring heroes (very freely) inspired by mythology.
The game mainly placed on mixed clashes, which are available in three distinct game modes, but having in common to play quickly and to be easy to handle.


Three frenzied game modes

Concretely, Battle Crush includes a Brawl mode in which the characters fight for their survival in small confined arenas, in the context of frantic rhythm-obviously, the arenas take the form of small flying islands and
Leading consists in swinging his opponents over board.
The Battle Royale mode takes up the codes of the genre: the players saffron in a vast battlefield with the last survivor.
Finally, a 1VS1 mode is based on duels in which it will be necessary to exploit the capacities of his hero to estour that of the opposing player.
At this stage, NCS OFT announces a planned outing in the Launch current (without further details for instant), on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch and on Android mobile platforms (via Google Play).
Impatient scan already add it to their wishes list on Steam.
First trailer for Battle Crush