Get the Chief Joker Hat from Zonkos Joke Shop in Hogsmeade – Hogwarts Legacy

Monks Joke Shop is famous for his capricious merchandise of parodies and jokes in the home of Hogsmeade.
And if you are a joking teacher, you will please see that the store has a thematic outfit that can only be achieved through a particular challenge.
So, to help with this feat, we will show you how to get the Onto chief joker hat in Hogwarts Legacy.

How is Onto’s chief joker hat unlocked at Hogwarts Legacy?

Players can get Onto’s chief joker hat when they collect eight field guide pages in Hogsmeade. There are 30 pages to acquire in this town;
Therefore, you will have many opportunities to grab these articles while exploring.
It is best to launch the revelation spell in the area to reveal any magical object that can appear near the structures or fly around the city.
Image source: screenshot through the Avalanche software
To simplify the process, you can enter stores, which generally have a field guide page, including private room Three Broomsticks, Monks Joke Shop and Honey dukes.
There will also be a lot of flying through the air, so try to look over you to detect them and launch Action to claim them.
Once the players collect enough materials, they can go to challenges in the menu to select the section Pages of the field guide, where they will see an option to get the Onto chief joker hat.


Image source: screenshot through the Avalanche software
If you want to get the complete set, you must get more pages in Hogsmeade, with a maximum of 25 for the last garment, the Onto chief joker set.
In addition, players can participate in several challenges to get other cosmetics, such as Quidditch captain of the Landing Platforms Missions Series.
That is enough for our guide on how to get Onto’s chief joking hat at Hogwarts Legacy.
To get more content, be sure to consult the relevant links below, including our best layer of layers and dresses.
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