Pampas Advances to Finals of Master Flow League: Foxes Attack Emeralds in Playoff Match

The playoff phase begins within the Master Flow League after having lived a very interesting and intense regular season with teams that have given great performance within the past dates to be able to reach this point, now with the first confrontation of this stage we see
A macro pampas against Glob ant Emerald to determine who progresses.
In the first map we see that both squads begin with great force, but it would be the reaction of the fox team that is present at the beginning of the game with a Assassin for Kaiser that becomes imposing in the match being a key piece to be able to make
Falling rivals on several occasions getting a climb that gives them the first point in the series.
The second contest would be more tilted from the beginning with a Pampas team that shows its potential from the first minutes when using a Zero that worked spectacularly in the hands of KZ that would have great damage to be able to lower the life of the rivals in several
occasions creating the opportunity to be able to take the second confrontation in his favor.
For the third map, things looked complicated for emeralds because they had to look for the Revert Swift to be able to send the series in their favor but the fox team
of damage to the team fights on an opportunity that they took to settle the meeting in their favor.
A series where the preparation of pampas was noticeable to be decisive during the match managing
On the other hand, emeralds will have to fight the millionaires to stay in the contest for the lower bracket on later dates.