Ghostface Appears in Security Cameras Across the US – 1996s Iconic Scream Villain Makes a Comeback

Ghost face is the iconic villain of the Scream franchise whose first film premiered in 1996 starring Névé Campbell, Courtesy Cox and David Marquette.
The saga is on the eve of launching its sixth tape, and it is the perfect time to launch the most creative campaign to encourage people to crowd the movie theaters.
In this new installment, Ghost face will leave Goldsboro towards New York City tracking the whereabouts of several characters returning from the 2022 version of Scream.


The theme of the distance between both populations gave Paramount the perfect pretext to send the murderer to appear in security cameras throughout the country.
We leave you a sample of what is happening.

The inhabitants of Sonoma received a terrifying surprise on Monday when a person with a Scream suit posed motionless in Sonoma Plaza.
The first film in the franchise was recorded at the Sonoma Community Center, one block from here.
This is the second time that Paramount makes an advertising campaign of the type to promote a horror movie.
The first time was before the premiere of Smile the past fall when people with mysterious smiles were placed behind the home base in several baseball games where it was certain that the camera of the transmissions would see them.
Via: Comic book
Editor’s note: Nothing accompanies the premiere of a horror movie, then a creative promotion campaign and executed perfectly.
Hopefully the sixth part of Scream can survive the hype that is causing.