HBO Max Price Increase in Latin America Confirmed – Streaming Services on the Rise

Today streaming services are common, since Netflix began with this type of business, many other companies such as Disney and Warner have wanted to take their slice of cake.
This has led to more original productions of these platforms and therefore, the price increase periodically is imminent.
Recently HBO Max has confirmed that a figures adjust will be made in the next few days, this for Mexico and all of Latin America, so users must pay a little more.
Either who just join the platform or people who are already subscribed.
It is worth mentioning, those who have 50% discount will be adjusted with the new price.
In the case of Mexico users have shared that the new figure is $180 MX, because in its 50% offer mail it can be seen that with the adjustment it is $89 MX.
Here the company’s own statement:
For now, those who just renew the membership in the coming months should not have trouble continuing to pay the usual, but on March 30 the adjustment will be applied.
And as mentioned, it is not only for Mexico, but also for LATAM, then Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, among other countries must receive their respective added.
Via: HBO
Editor’s note: This is not surprising at all, the same has done Netflix little by little and nobody has complained.

Recall that the red platform started with the normal plan at $99 MX and now that same plan costs $219 MX.


So the others were going to follow the example.