How to Get the Book Rescued in Sons of the Forest – A Guide for Players

While many players first throw Sons of the Forest, recently released, others approach at the end of their trip in the game.
There are many camps and caves to explore on the map of the island, in an order established by the progression of history.
As players approach the opportunity to explore the final bunker of the island, they may wonder how to get the book rescued in Sons of the Forest.

Read below to find out and get it yourself.

Location of the book rescued children of the forest

Image Source: through Sons of the Forest Wiki
The first thing to do before leaving to find the book rescued in Sons of the Forest is to open its practical GPS map and locate the area marked in the image below.
Keep in mind that you must first get the Key card VIP card before leaving the cave, since the internal bunker requires it to access.
Once you have this, feel free to go to the place and be attentive to a green circle that indicates its location on your game map.
Once you find the entrance of the marked cave, go inside and follow the steps below to get to the rescued book:
Enter the bunker door with a corpse outside;
It must be located just above a green circle marker on its GPS map
Use your VIP card to open the door and lower the stairs once inside the bunker
Go through the hallway at the end of the stairs and continue down the next stretch of stairs.
Then you will cross another door and walk down the hall until you enter a room that has some shelves inside.
Beyond the shelves, you will see the book rescued on a table, as shown in the image below.
Once you find the rescued book, all you need to do is approach it and press E to add it to your inventory.
From there you can access him by clicking him whenever you want.
Be sure to take your pajamas here too before leaving if you have not yet obtained.


Image source: through end night
Now that you know how to get the book rescued in Sons of the Forest can immerse yourself in your saved file and cross the final bunker yourself.
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