Where to Capture, Color and Get ight Versions of Fiuum in Hogwarts Legacy

There are numerous magic creatures in Hogwarts Heritage that you can rescue to ing back to one of the baby rooms in your exact area.
Film is just one of them, a bird that can fly and run away quickly if you have no care.

Presentation of Film

African bird of extremely colorful plumage, the film is not so harmless, because its vocal singing can go insane any person if heard for a very long time.
In the publication Superb Animals, we also find out that, for sale, they are bewitched with silence.

Where to discover a film in Hogwarts Tradition

You will certainly not only require to record a suit to obtain feathers, but additionally to get the conquest linked to the reproduction of all species in the game.


Keep in mind to record a male mood and women state of mind when it reaches a nest.
Note that there are only 4 fossa nests around the open globe.
The majority of are in the south of the map, a location that you can only unlock after the 2nd effort.
Below are the other locations, southern, of the focused nests thanks to the interactive map:
1. Become unnoticeable many thanks to the disappointment spell to come close to the steeling of the steak and stop it from flying away,
2. Play Levies to keep you in the air,
3. Energy apprehension is more effective,
4. Utilize the capture bag and press the switch at the correct time: 4 times essential
5. KEEP IN MIND: You can switch over to background mode to facilitate capture

The different shades of the film

There are several colors of these types in Hogwarts Tradition.
For now, we provide 5 of them: yellow as well as pink, blue, fuchsia, green and also white (ight).
When you use reproduction with, you can pick different moms and dads each time and also get and-new colors of film infants, yet it is mainly the way it is not the exact same.

  • Product acquired: Feeding as well as ushing the film, you get film plumes, valuable for enhancing your equipment with the loom.