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Fans Disagree: G2 Esports Win Inaugural LEC Winter Split, But Trophy Draws Criticism

While the style is not outright negative or hideous, it pales in contrast to the original LEC trophy.

The inaugural LEC Winter months Split wrapped up on Feb. 26 with G2 Esports defeating MAD Lions in the grand finals. G2s stellar performance on the Summoners Rift was a reward to see, yet not whatever on the stage looked as pleasing. Lots Of Organization of Legends followers resented the layout of the brand-new LEC Winter months Split trophy.


Riot Gaming track document in creating trophies for its competitions has actually been a great 1. Each regional organization and global competition has a distinct trophy layout with the Worlds’ trophy being the most iconic of them all.

Several Organization fans shared their disappointment concerning the layout on Twitter. Among them compared the shield to the old Rune system, citing it as a dull style.

However, the choice to transform the Worlds prize to a highly simplified and minimalist style last year did not sit well with most Organization fans. With the brand-new LEC Winter Split trophy likewise being a boring and also simple shield, fans will be worried when Riot reveals an upgrade to any type of various other trophy layout in the future.

Excuse me that SHIELD is a major downgrade contrasted to the gorgeous #LEC trophy, one more fan claimed.

Many Organizations of Legends followers were placed off by the layout of the brand-new LEC Winter months Split trophy.

Under, that is a component of the on-air LEC program group, had a humorous take on this Winter months Split trophy design.

The trophy is a five-pointed shield with the LEC logo in the wave-like and middle motifs on the sides. The center component of the shield is increased somewhat, making it look like a pentagonal pyramid. While the design is not outright bad or unsightly, it fades in comparison to the initial LEC trophy.

Even notable League characters offered their viewpoints on it. Under, that is a part of the on-air LEC broadcast team, had a humorous take on this Winter season Split trophy layout. The trophy is a shield to protect us from LPL to planers at MSI, he quipped.