HBO Confirms IT Series – Get All the Exciting Details Here!

Its new films were a box office success.
This is not a surprise to hear that Warner Bros. is doing everything possible to expand this universe.
Last year a report was announced where a prequel series focused on the town of Derry was under development.
Now, HBO has confirmed that this project has already been approved, and will continue its development.
Although there are not many details for the moment, HBO has confirmed that Welcome to Derry, a name that could be modified in the future, has already passed to the next production step and, at least, will have a season for streaming service.
Similarly, it has been revealed that Andy Mushiest, who was in charge of IT and his sequel, will take the position of director for several episodes, including the first.


This was what Stephen King, author of IT, commented on:

I am excited that Derry’s story, Maine’s most haunted city, continues, and I’m glad Andy Mushiest will supervise the terrifying festivities, along with a group of experts that includes his talented sister, Barbara.
There will be red balloons everywhere!
Together with Mushiest, Welcome To Derry will have the production of Barbara Mushiest, and the script by Jason Fuchs, who previously worked at Wonder Woman.
As announced last year, Fuchs and Brad Caleb Kane will be the show runners.

Although there are no more details about it, these are good news for all fans of this property.
In related issues, HBO could be working on a series of Hogwarts Legacy.
Similarly, the fusion between HBO Max and Discovery+ has changed.
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