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Server down on February 14th for Hotfix | Meinmmo

Destiny 2 gets a hotfix on the day of love.
Today, players can go on the PS4, PS5, the Xbox One, Xbox Series X and on the PC offline today.
We keep you up to date with very important details.
You need to know today: Destiny 2 is currently preparing whatever so that the start of the brand-new DLC can run efficiently.
There are still a few sticking points and so today the regular hotfix is turning up.
PVP problems are generally attended to here.
However, there have actually also been a few broken obstacles and missions that have actually to be fixed.
When you can’t play and which to-do list bungee still has, mango for that reason informs you.
As constantly, the necessary downtime will be extremely short.
If you might need to wait during the update, we suggest a take a look at the new destination of the upcoming DLC Nightfall.
In the metropolis, strand leaf lice and a kind of neo-genesis-Zavala are waiting on you:

upkeep on February 14th.

  • All times and server down
    These times are essential today: Buggies update regular is brief and crisp.
    The reliable downtime will just be 15 minutes today (via Twitter).
    The revealed schedule offers the following procedure:
  • At 5:00 p.m. German time, the upkeep work in the background begins on all platforms.
  • From 5:45 p.m. the servers go offline, and you will instantly kick from all activities.
  • The servers must go online once again around 6:00 p.m. and upgrade will be rolled out for all platforms.
    After the download, you can log into the video game again.
  • The continuous background maintenance then officially ends at 7:00 p.m. when whatever goes smoothly.
    Crucial: Even if you have actually loaded the upgrade and are back in the video game, connection problems can happen until completion of the maintenance work at 7:00 p.m. When logging in, you may also have to anticipate lines.
    Likewise, remember that third-party applications and the main companion app may not be correctly accessible for a while after the update.


that alters with Hotfix in Season 19

This brings the hotfix today: Bungee went a little into the restraint mode.
A few errors will probably not be repaired until the start.
This includes a mistake with immune items in the PVP, which could lead to barricades, stasis towers, empty souls and glacier grenades, and so on.
For this, Bungee will no longer bring a repair in Season 19, but will just repair Day 1 for Nightfall.
The message to the gamers via Twitter checks out: Make a little damage (in the game).
As a benefit.
Mango notes other issues here that Bungee are already known and likewise those that our readers have warned of that could still be fixed prior to Nightfall.
Visual results of the exotic revolution balance per cony may stay visible to keepers, even if the weapon is stowed away.
The melting pot The favor of the hour brings no development in dynamic control.
The requirements for the conclusion of the seasonal difficulty ice singularity of the ninth week are improperly mentioned in the description.
Players need to defeat goals with empty or stasis results in gambit matches in order to advance in this obstacle.
Changes in the name of players can not be adapted to
The players are still awaiting the choice to alter their player name again instead of the message You have no name changes.
to get.
A useful assistance note for your PVP experience: There is a mistake that players who receive an exit charge in the competitive department can no longer get in the playlist after their punishment.
This can be treated by exchanging the characters and playing another match in the playlist.
If you find out any other problems in the video game, the recommendation is to report it directly through the main bungee Aid online forum in order to draw the designers knowledgeable about it.
You can leave us a remark if you know more mistakes in the video game.

Patch Notes for Hotfix in Destiny 2

What is in the Patch Notes?
The thorough list of all modifications to Hotfix publishes Bungee in the form of Spot Notes.
Mango links the patch notes in this details box as quickly as they are offered and updates this article appropriately.
Simply drop by later.
If you saw other issues in the video game that cloud your gaming experience, then you will more than happy to leave a comment.