Explore Wild Hearts Kemono – Unique Types & Powerful Variants in the Open Cards Game

Wild heart Kimono are the main beasts you will discover when you explore the open cards in the game.
Everybody uses a unique series of attacks that challenge them, and they will also impress how they draw on the surrounding area.
Because the world has ended up being wild, it is its job to master the Kimono and to bring it to the other.
To do this, you require using one of the Wild Hearts weapons to be able to keep the Kimono correctly.
Everyone will be a difficulty, so it is best to be prepared, to have adequate thread to produce Karakul and develop a bulwark in Wild Hearts.

wild heart Kimono

Wild Hearts has 21 Kimono, so you combat:

Juice treatment
Golden storm
Death stagger
Gold splinter
Earth breaker
Horror claw
Grit dog
The Fumbles
Ember plume

The cinder plume is the most stunning kimono, complete with feathers and colors that resemble a peacock.
His flaming feathers are not rather as quite as they look, and turn fields into flames and individuals into dust.

Wild Hearts Kimono Mighty variations

Could variants of Kimono be harder, more difficult variants of routine Kimono?
In addition, we have no more details about these variations, however we will safely update this article as quickly as the video game has been published.
That covers all Wild Hearts Kimono.
If you wish to learn more about the video game while you wish to beat these huge big beasts, checked out the Wild Hearts multiplayer and the Wild Hearts cross play to see how you can call for assistance to combat you in a battle

We are not yet able to share the remainder of the Kimono because we still resolve the video game.
But as quickly as we have them all, we will upgrade this guide.


The rage tail is the very first Kimono to eliminate versus the introduction of the video game.
This monster attacks smaller people and Kimono indiscriminately.
His tail boosts and the rag ail will use it to attack his enemies.

juice cure

When it sneezes, the sap scourge separates pollen and juice from your skin and covers its appeal with sticky juice.
If you use it while preparing to land one blow, you will slow down.


With numerous eyes that he starts and opens in a fight, the Hiatus storms towards his victim and utilizes his tusks and teeth to break through individuals and the environment.
His main weak points are the bulwark and climbing while it is preparing to attack and let loose turmoil.

lava pieces

This mighty and shrewd opponent sends flying stones to his opponents, integrating ranged attacks and close fight.
The Lazarus also has the capability to set fire and break the ground, which required them to watch on the surrounding area around them.

Goldener Storm

The Golden Tempest embodies the wind and is a big, lightning-fast tiger that is characterized by wind attacks from a distance.
It chases them, attacks from a range and likewise holds them in one location if they do not use Kabuki correctly.

Death Pinscher

The death of death invokes large clumps of ice that mark its area and is a huge beast at a frightening speed.
His icy armor can ward off attacks and secure himself from the sharpest blades.


The Amaterasu flies through the air, takes in divine threads, has lots of anger and can leave hunters with his air campaign in the uncertain.
His capability to change in between air and ground attacks also makes him among the more unforeseeable Kimonos in the video game.


Gold Splitter

Covered with tough, protective spinal columns, it tosses them into its goal to put it out of action and make it vulnerable.
These spines are extremely deadly and can kill hunters in no time at all.

Spine glider

The spinal column blinker hovers and flies over the sky and develops rock from a liquid that it produces.
The animal, which strictly secures its territory, can overthrow and shock you with kicks that make it in the air.

Earth breaker

As one of the biggest Kimonos, the Earth breaker is supposed to tear the earth into pieces and feast on whole mountains.
Attacks can not harm this animal due to its thick outside layer, but much powerlessness are susceptible in essential locations.

horror claw

Whist chickens are known for their crows at dawn, the Dread claw has a scream that shakes the leaves from the trees and lets their ears bleed.
Able to damage and prey develop, it will be a tough struggle, no matter where they satisfy it.

Grit dog

The Grit dog may look friendly at first look, however his attacks are still fatal thanks to its sharp claws.
Geared up with naturally magnetic magnets, it can control magnetic fields to manipulate Iron sand in odd shapes when assaulted.

The Fumbles

Crows can signal the upcoming death, however the smoke beak signals a more caustic form of death, which he handles.

Covered with a poisonous miasma, the creature leaves the vapors out to gradually remove itself from the power of their victim.

Ember plume