VfB Stuttgart Coach Bruno Labbadia Criticizes VAR Interventions After SC Freiburg Defeat: Jochen Drees Responds

The VAR breaks football and DERRIERE the referees: Bruno Lambada, after the 1-2 defeat of VfB Stuttgart on Saturday at SC Freiburg, not with criticism of the group around Referee Sasha Telemann and Var Sore Stork.
A penalty was preceded by both objectives after VAR intervention after Telemann had actually at first not punished an offense.
John Trees, head of video assistants and technologies from DFB Shirt GmbH, declined Lambada’s criticism on Sunday.
In both cases there is a nasty by the protector (Dan-Axel Paradox, editor’s note) prior to the first case a foot hit with an open sole, in the 2nd case a leg point with which the defender brings his opponent, Trees discussed on mand.
The ball is not played in each case, so it is a clear and obvious errors of the referee. The 2 On-Field reviews are therefore to be assessed as correct.
Lambada, on the other hand, discovered it impossible that the basement intervened.
His argument: If Telemann requires to be devoted for minutes, barely any clear and obvious wrong decision could have been made.
Then we can pack up, stated the coach, who is still winning after five Bundesliga video games in his 2nd CFB office.
Then I can browse for 20 to 30 scenes in every game that are a nasty where I can whistle.

altered intervention limit at the VAR?

Trees contradicts
Does the concept that the VAR may only intervene with blatant incorrect decisions still applies?
Or was the intervention threshold in winter season changed analogous to the World Cup to enable referees to enable the referees in case of doubt by means of on-field evaluation?
Trees makes it clear: The basis of a VAR intervention is still the existence of a clear and apparent wrong decision based upon an evident image. A modification in the formerly used intervention limit has not been made.
Trees confesses: However, the impulses from global competitions at FIFA and UEFA are of course taken into account, so that in the case of complex specific cases, which do not enable a matching instant and clear category of the realities by the VAR team, the referee itself an assessment of the respective circumstance.
Nevertheless, these impulses might mean, nevertheless, that Lambada’s Leipzig associate Marco Rose currently has the feeling that the VAR will be inflationary in Germany.