Now, Surprise! Dead Island 2 Advances Its Release Date – Heres What You Need to Know

Originally announced in 2014, Dead Island 2 has been one of the most anticipated games by fans.
Fortunately, next April we will finally have the opportunity to enjoy this delivery.
Now, if you can’t wait to have your hands in this sequel, you will be pleased to hear that your release date has been advanced.
Through a statement, it has been confirmed that Dead Island 2 has entered its Gold phase, that is, the main development has come to an end, and now the approach is to eliminate bugs, and deliver the product that many expect.
Along with this, it was revealed that the sequel will now arrive on April 21, 2023, a week earlier.
Although a reason for this change is not offered, remember that on April 28, 2023, the day in which Dead Island 2 was going to be available, it is the new release date for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.
Thus, Deep Silver’s work will not face one of the most anticipated games of the year.
Dead Island 2, originally, was in charge of Eager, a study that Spec Ops: The Line.
However, the development eventually passed to Humor Digital.
Unfortunately, this team was not able to deliver what was promised, so Dam buster, an internal study of Deep Silver, took over the project in 2019.
We remind you that Dead Island 2 will now arrive on April 21, 2023. In related issues, you can check the most recent game trailer here.
Editor’s note:
It may seem a dream, but Dead Island 2 will be a reality in a matter of months.

For many, this will not be fulfilled until they have their copy in their hands.
Fortunately, this will happen earlier than thought.
We just hope that the idea of not being cannibalized by Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has no repercussions on the development of the sequel.


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