Jochen Drees Emphasizes Clear Wrong Decisions as Criteria for Video Assistant Referee Interventions in Bundesliga Matchday 20

After the enjoyment on match day 20 of the Bundesliga, DFB Videotex leader John Trees highlighted that the Video Assistant Referee should only step in if the incorrect choice is made.
The basis of a VAR intervention is still the presence of a clear and obvious wrong choice based upon an apparent image. A modification in the previously used intervention threshold has actually not been made, Trees informed the kicker.
RB Leipzig’s coach Marco Rose had formerly attended to the inflationary use of the video proof in Germany.
Training colleague Bruno Lambada had actually drowned sharp criticism of the video proof after the 1-2 of his VfB Stuttgart at SC Freiburg.
This was presented to reveal outright incorrect choices. And after that the referee feels like 10 minutes to dedicate. I stay an overall opponent of the var.

In the Sky interview, he ranked: Above all, you can’t get the referee who makes a clear decision.

backing for referees

Trees, however, strengthened the game group of the game around Sasha Telemann.


In both cases that led to Freiburg, a foul by the defense player, so it is clear and obvious misjudgments of the referee, said the DFB video proof manager: The two on-field evaluations are therefore correct
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