Who is the Pestilence in Dead by Daylight? Learn about Food, the Complex Killer with High Mobility

Food is a complex killer in the game Dead by Daylight, known for its high mobility.
While he wanders around the map, noticing the survivor, he can rush to them at a dizzying speed.
Failure is rarely used, since its ability to jerk can be difficult to control, but it is fatal in the hands of the right player.
In Laura, Dead by Daylight For is a tragic story about reckless ambitions, another Iyar that flew too close to the sun.
Here is an explanation of the story of filth in Dead by Daylight.

Morey Knowledge, Explanation

Talbot Grains has already heard warnings.
He knew that the poisonous lobby would tear his intestines, fill his throat with bile and force the stomach to squeeze desperately.
The petals in the shape of bells rang in his ears, calling to him like church bells gathering parishioners.
He bit off the flower, and the horrors began.
The warnings were true.
The poison struck his body and forced his system to go into a state of survival.
Day after day, the one thirsty to break out of his flesh, and the skin was saturated later.
When, finally, relief came, Talbot was not afraid of a flower.
He was fascinated by this.


He was engaged in medicine, passionately wanting to work with natural killers, such as a half.
Furthermore, he extended the boundaries of chemistry, developing a solution that increases human productivity and reduces the need for rest.
Furthermore, he was well rewarded for his work, although rumors that his serums drive people crazy was constantly walking.
Talbot heard that some soldiers who took his decoction killed innocent people.
They cannot be true.
He refused to take the blame.
Talbot creations brought him success, but they also led to his threshold of enemies.
The criminal knocked him out, blindfolded him and pushed him into the van.
Talbot woke up from a deadly smell.
The decomposition penetrated its lungs.
The kidnapper removed the bandage from him.
Before him lay a mass grave, where hundreds of bodies were thrown.
The mysterious man claimed that he did it, his serum caused it.
Talbot did not believe him.
The ghosts of his alleged success pursued him, and in the end he found himself in a dirty opium brown.

There no one understood him, they did not know what a miracle he created.
His research magazine disappeared, scratched records convinced him that he was not crazy.
It was real.
Without a comfortable diary, he raised a stone from the ground and engraved his finds on the wall.
This breakthrough was not going to die with him.
The world had to know.
In a frantic impulse, Talbot continued his research until the wall was completely covered with text.
When the wall was filled, he turned to his own chest.
In the midst of his madness, a vision appeared out of nowhere.
He saw a field of living orange flowers and heard a voice, attracting him forward.
The whisper promised him knowledge that goes beyond human capabilities, not limited by either colleagues or morality.
He came closer.
Talbot disappeared in the fog.
Only Karakul remained on the wall.
They read: Death is only the beginning.
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