Making a Killing in Hogwarts Legacy: Tips for Collecting Galleons from Ruta and Cicuta Chests with Eyes Sales

In Hogwarts Legacy it is very important to collect galleons to buy important things in stores, especially potions, plantation recipes, oom improvements, and spells that will improve the precise room.
Although the game has no miraculous form of getting money, there are some tricks that will make your gameplay easier.


The Ruth and CICTA store is located in Hogsmeade and there you can sell captured animals.
Values vary, but are usually between 120 and 150 galleons.
It’s one of the best ways to get easy money.
Capture animals that walk in a pack, like the hard fingers.
They are usually in groups of about seven in their regions.
They are extremely easy to rescue and can make a lot of money.

Chests with eyes

The huge chests that look at you with contempt have 500 galleons.
To open them just use the disappointment spell, become invisible and catch them off guard.
They usually stay in Hogsmeade stores and in the rooms or dorms of Hogwarts teachers.
At the beginning of the game are a hand on the wheel, especially if you need potions ingredients if you don’t have your accurate room cultivation.
Never miss the opportunity to open one of them.

Sell all items you don’t use

Of course this is not the easiest way and is the most obvious, but it is still efficient.
You have little space for equipment in the game and to increase you need to complete Merlin evidence.
Always sell items that no longer use and diminish your status.
So you make room for inventory and profit.
Some can be sold by up to 200 galleons and will not be missed.
In addition, they stay on the visual tab permanently if you want to use them.

ask rewards in missions that have galleons as rewards often give you the option to charge too much.

Always choose this, especially with characters that you will only see once in the game.


This can increase your profit in up to 200 galleons.
Considering that many of these characters only delegate a quest and then never get in touch again, it is not good to miss this opportunity.
Always covers rewards for your missions.


The game has several places for you to loot the gold, but the most profitable are the dungeons, which in addition to having equipment, also have good shipments of galleons.
It is not uncommon to find bags with 90 galleons several times in a quest involving some dungeon.
Whenever you find a chest with Artie, try to go after it, as there is a reward.
In addition, locations that are blocked by locks also have valuable rewards, especially level 2 and 3. Then learn Alhama at the maximum level as possible to increase your income.