Free Demos of Classic Style RPGs Sea of Stars & Octopath Travel 2 on Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Direct Showcase

Nintendo revealed all type of info about upcoming titles in the very first significant direct program case.
In addition to Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Metro id and Co., role-playing fans got their money’s worth.
During the direct, two demos were opened in the shop, which have 2 upcoming JPGs mentioned you and are certainly worth a look.
Which video game demos are it about?
Sociopath Tourist 2 and Sea of Stars
When are the demos available?
From now on!

everything about Sociopath Traveler 2-Demo

  • Category: RPG
  • Release: February 24, 2023,
    That’s what it’s everything about: Sociopath Traveler 2 is the continuation of the popular JPGs from Square Enix.
    As in the predecessor, we are again pursuing the story of 8 characters that come together in the course of their journey.
    The game takes a model for design and gameplay retrogress, appropriately we get round-based battles and a captivating graphic.
    The day/night rhythm is brand-new.
    This uses the demo: in the demonstration you can play around the very first three hours of the RPG.
    By the way, you can later take your progress into the game yourself if you get it for Nintendo Switch.
    In the test, you check out for the first part why the game is not just appropriate for fans of timeless RPGs, however also has brand-new concepts:
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    Sociopath Traveler in the test
    The Switch was still missing this JRPG

everything about the Sea of Stars demo

  • Category: RPG
  • Release: August 29, 2023
    That’s what it’s everything about: Sea of Stars has actually lastly received a released date, even if fans have to be client till August 29.
    At least the demo for the game is now available on Change.

Similar to Sociopath Tourist, Sea of Stars likewise takes plenty of inspiration for timeless 16 bit RPGs, especially Throne Trigger.
The story handles two children who dominate the magic of darkness and are the only ones to beat monstrous creatures.
In addition to round-based fights, many other activities such as cooking, board, cruising or fishing games await you.

even more statements of the Nintendo Direct

Obviously, many more info was also revealed on the showcase.
For instance, there was a surprise drop of a metro id prime remaster and obviously a great deal of new info about the upcoming Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
We have actually summarized all info from the Nintendo Direct in this post.


What do you consider the 2 titles up until now?