How to Increase Your Level in Hogwarts Legacy: An Essential Guide

The HOGWARTS Legacy level increased system works the same way as in many other games you played.
All you need to do is to farm XP using various methods, and quickly increase the level.
Certain areas and objects are also limited in level, so obtaining XP to quickly increase the level will help you easily move forward.
Being a role-playing game with a completely open world, Hogwarts Legacy has many pumping options.
Tasks, battles, trials, collection of pages of the field leadership, destruction of goblin camps, solids and other actions will give you a different amount of experience in the Hogwarts heritage, and below we described in detail all of them.

Quick increase in levels in Hogwarts Legacy

As mentioned earlier, some objects and areas require players to increase the level before they can access HL.
As the plot line moves, players will face high-level enemies.
If the player level is too low, no matter how good you are as a witch or a wizard, your spells will not cause sufficient damage.
This is where the XP accumulation process and the level in Hogwarts Legacy enters the game.
Improving the level will not only increase your general health, but will also allow you to equip the best equipment, which in the future will improve attack and defense.

Victory over enemies in the battle arena

You will earn good experience by destroying the waves of enemies that will attack you in the combat arena.


But you must fulfill the requirement before you can unlock it by visiting the region next to the forbidden forest.
What you need to do is destroy 20 pots that are scattered by ruins in order to unlock the combat arena in Hogwarts’s Heritage.
As soon as the combat arena is open, you will encounter seven waves of enemies go to you.
Among the enemies there will be dark wizards, mountain trolls, spiders, executioners of Singer, etc.
The destruction of all seven waves will help you earn a lot of XP and quickly go to the levels in Hogwarts Legacy.
If you are struggling to clean the waves, you can switch to a lower complexity settings and still get good experience.
This process can help you increase the level one every time you do this.
This process is also important for you if you do not want to adhere to the Hogwarts Heritage storyline and still want to increase the level to facilitate part of the study.

Collection of Field leadership pages in Hogwarts Legacy

We can say that acquaintance with the pages of the field leadership in Hogwarts Legacy is one of the fastest ways to farm XP and increase the levels in the game.
Each page will help you 80 experience in total you can collect almost 250 pages of the field leadership.
Together, these pages will help you earn a lot of XP and increase the level in the game.

Moreover, this method is crucial because you can use it even at the beginning of the game.
You do not need to reach a certain rank before you can start collecting these pages in the Hogwarts legacy.
Basically, they are in some hidden areas, therefore, as soon as any area is unlocked, be sure to visit it and collect the pages of the field leadership in the Hogwarts Heritage to speed up the pumping process.

Execution of various tasks

The search for pages of the field leadership is one of the tasks in the Hogwarts Heritage.
Nevertheless, there are several more tasks that you can complete, moving in the plot to earn a lot of XP.
These tests include the main quest, battles, side quest, research and room.
Some of these tasks are performed as the storyline passes, for example, studying different places and struggle various enemies in Hogwarts Legacy.
Exploring the areas, you will encounter various small enemies you can fight to get a little experience.
However, the XP received from them is small, so you need to concentrate on other tasks more.
You will find around 50 side quests in the game that can help farm XP.
You can get these side quests by exploring the castle and talking with different characters that you will find there.
The implementation of these side quests is not a difficult task, so it is better to focus on them at the beginning so that you can increase the level.

Advantages of increasing level

As mentioned earlier, you will receive more dangerous magic and tools in the Hogwarts Heritage when passing levels.
In addition, you do not have to stop at some stages of passing the plot due to your level.
If you quickly increase the level, you no longer need to worry about enemies and problems that you will encounter in the game.
You cannot increase your level higher than 40 as it is the maximum level in Hogwarts Legacy.

Moreover, by increasing the level, you will receive a more significant health pool, this allows you to survive more blows and progress faster without worrying about health.
In addition, you will unlock the talent system by increasing the level, which will allow you to specialize in five main aspects that
Dark arts
Room of requirements
All these things make a quick increase in level important to you in the Hogwarts Heritage, so you need to concentrate more on this at the beginning.