Genshin Impact Ningguang: The Best Builds, Weapons, Resources and Artifacts For Liyue

Niggling is one of the powerful figures in Life, introduced as playable to Genshin Impact in version 1.0.


With the title of Life’s Biannual, she is responsible for the region’s laws and has a position of wealth in the city of contracts.
Due to her position and skills, she built the Jade Chamber, a floating palace that watches throughout the region and represents Biannual’s leadership position among Life’s traders.
In the game’s plot, Niggling was responsible for Life’s protection more than once.
It is noteworthy that Niggling is classified in our Tier List of characters.
The four-star DPS is ideal for those who prefer to attack the distance.

How to play well from Niggling?

Niggling is four stars, a catalyst user and geography vision, usually used as main DPS and its synergy allows varied and economic compositions.

It is an efficient hypercarry, that is, a DPS that can carry the team individually.
As geography reactions are not very effective, the player must have a preference for allies who can buffer it and in elemental resonance.

Order of talent evolution

The most suitable weapons

Best artifacts for Niggling

Recommended Statistics

Main order:

  • ATQ / Energy Refill
  • Geo damage bonus
  • CRT rate/ damage

Sub attributes:

  • Critical rate/ damage
  • ATQ
  • Energy recharge

The perfect constellation for Ningguang’s most advantageous constellations are C1, C2 and C6.

The best team for Niggling