No Expansion For Final Fantasy 14 Before 2024: What Does That Mean For The Future Of The Game?

Lots of have already believed, now it is certainty: the next growth for Last Fantasy 14 and thus also Patch 7.0 will no longer be launched in 2023.
In the last Square Enix financing report for 2022 there is the note that no extensions are prepared for the large MMOs of the publisher for this year.
No expansion pack releases [are] prepared.
That consists of Dragon Mission X, but likewise the popular Final Fantasy 14.

release would have been conceivable

Even if the message should not be extremely unexpected for the majority of, there have actually been at least some reasons to hope.
With the release of Spot 6.3, we have currently reached half of the end walker extensions.
Spot 6.4 should appear in May and Spot 6.5 in September.

A release of the expansion in 2023 would for that reason have been at least imaginable.
In addition, A World Reborn’s 10th anniversary year would have been a great year for a new expansion.

fan celebrations 2023/24

Last but not least, it was the dates of the next fan celebrations that contradicted such considerations beforehand.


These events typically serve to present the upcoming expansion and to present it with all planned content.
The 3rd and last fan, which is to happen in Tokyo, is prepared for January 7 and 8, 2024.
If you take the previous times to the yardstick that have actually passed between the last fan and the release of the extension, it can even take until March or April 2024 till the growth ultimately appears.
It will probably not be boring, since as can also be seen from the report, a great deal of actions is planned to keep the players delighted.
At the moment we do not know whether it will be more patch content or rather just occasions (or duplicating of the known events).
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