Nintendo Wins Lawsuit Over Joy-Con Drift Problem, Enjoying a Win Amidst Widespread Demand

Since Nintendo Switch went on sale, many have agreed with a constant problem, and that is precisely the drift that was presented within a few days to the Joy-Con controls.
This has led to many furious users, even millionaire demands that arise from angry parents from the United States have been developed.
At the end of 2022, a federal judge failed in favor of the company in the Sanchez et.


Alabama Nintendo of America.
Getting the case not to continue thanks to the Eula (end user license agreement) of Switch that does not allow demands and requires that the parties involved enter a legal arbitration, something that arose due to problems with the controls.
The parents collective argued that the children were not obliged to comply with the Eula for their young age, but in the end it was taken into account that the consoles were bought with adult money, therefore they belong to them no matter how much they are a gift.
It is worth mentioning that the company was also against a Rom’s site a while ago, trial they won.
Something that should be emphasized with the Joy-Con, is that at least in countries like the United States, if they present failures during the guarantee year they can be sent to repair customers of their American division.

On the other hand, in parts such as LATAM, you can directly change controls or even the complete console.
Via: Nintendo Life
Editor’s note: These types of theory problems should no longer be present with the new shipments of the device, and that is because the first model with a shorter battery duration practically does not exist.
Much less should happen to the OLED model.