Logitech – Get Ready For Their G-Market Digital Big Sale With Discounts On Popular Products!

Logitech, a specialist in office and gaming peripherals, announced that it will offer a discount on G-Market Digital Big Sale for its popular products, webcams and microphone products.
The period will be held from February 6 to 14 and the discount rate of up to 37% will be applied through the Logitech official distributor Esrise.

‘Logitech Stream Cam’ is a small camera for a PC that realizes clear image quality of Full HD 1080p 60fps.
It is highly recommended as a live streaming-only equipment such as YouTube, Twitch, Tic Talk, and Africa.
There is a possible advantage.
Logitech Capture and built-in AI are also a product that supports facial recognition smart autofocus and exposure adjustment that can immediately react to the surrounding environment changes.

In addition, it also supports various webcam control functions such as Full HD vertical video shooting, electronic shake correction, multiple camera interlocking, real-time text overlay, and scene switching effects, such as Instagram.
Logitech Stream Cam is available among two colors of black and white, and supports USB-C type 3.1 cable connection, featuring stability and fast video transmission speed.

Logitech C270, famous for its value-added webcam, is a webcam compatible with major applications as well as video calls, non-face-to-face meetings and online classes.
Even though it is a reasonable price, the necessary functions are full.
It supports the FHD 720P and 30FPS specifications and is equipped with automatic lighting correction function, so it can adjust the image quality itself even in dark or faint lighting and can shoot a smoother and clear screen.

It is equipped with a built-in noise reduction microphone, and the Logitech-only webcam software allows you to customize the user’s tastes, such as brightness and contrast, clarity, fans, zoom, capture, and motion detection.

Logitech Blue Yeti, which is loved at a reasonable price compared to high performance, is a microphone that is used by musicians, sound experts, YouTuber, Africa, Twitch, and Live Streamers as well as consumers.
Based on high-performance capsule capsules, various types of directions, masturbation patterns, and rich space and three-dimensional sound are realized.

It is possible to monitor fast monitoring without delay during recording using the 3.5 Pi-headphone terminal, and it is possible to fix the microphone with the desired angle by connecting to the Radius III and Compass through the formal standard hole mount.

You can select a variety of presets using the ‘Blue VO! CE’ feature included in the Logitech G Hub software.
Thanks to this, you can create an atmosphere that fits the content, and you can check the detailed values to make more detailed adjustments.

It supports the plug and play connection method, so it can be used conveniently with simple USB connections, and a pick-up pattern that is suitable for various sound requirements such as recording and streaming
Can produce.
In addition, through this digital big sale, you can meet various popular products such as ‘Logitech Combo Touch’ at reasonable prices.

Meanwhile, Logitech’s office product line is loved in business accessories, starting with wireless mouse and keyboard.