Fixing The Hogwarts Legacy Blue Characters Error: A Step-By-Step Guide To Unlocking The Magic Of Hogwarts

Magic acquired a new meaning in games thanks to the Heritage of Hogwarts.
Create your witch/wizard and go on an exciting adventure on Hogwarts, forbidden forest and other familiar locations from the world of Harry Potter.

There are also many new characters who need to be found and open, but you may notice a mistake due to which they are displayed blue, and the environment is gray.
This may make you think about how to solve a mistake with blue characters in the Hogwarts Heritage.

How to fix the error Blue characters in the Heritage of Hogwarts

An error with blue symbols is associated with a parameter in the Hogwarts heritage, this is included by default.
Because of this, players often face this problem.
Fortunately, the configuration shutdown seems to easily get rid of the problem.
Here’s how to fix the blue characters in Hogwarts Legacy.


  • Open the menu.
  • Go to the settings.
  • Select Parameters of special capabilities.
  • Disconnect the high-contrast game process.
    As soon as you do this, a mistake with blue symbols should disappear.
    Sometimes you may have to restart Hogwarts heritage to apply a change in the settings.
    If you still see blue characters, just restart the game to eliminate the error.
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