Dead Space Remake Guide: All Marker Fragments Locations And How To Unlock The Alternative Ending

Markings are unique collectibles that, as quickly as they have been preserved, unlock an alternative end of the video game.
They are spread all over Chimera, and it can be quite tiring to collect them all.
In addition, the marking fragments do not spawn through the extremely initially.
You have to end the video game on any level of difficulty so that you generate through the second.
There are a total of 12 fragments, and here is a guide that highlights all locations of the marking pieces in the whole Dead Space remake.

all places of the marker fragments by Dead Space Remake

Marking fragment 1-in Chapter 1-Goal: Find the data board

  • It is situated on a rack in the Maintenance Bay Workplace.
    You can see it beside the information board.
    To grab it, simply attack the rack and the fragment falls down.

Marking piece 2-Chapter 2-Goal: Discover a Shock Pad

  • Enter Dr.
    T. Keynes workplace after you have ended the quarantine in the main laboratory.
    Utilize next kinesis to move the shelf, and you can see the fragment in surprise area.

Marking piece 3-Chapter 3-Goal: Manual ignition of the engines

  • Light the engines by hand and move in the machine space towards the Power Sub-Station 03. You will find the fragment in the corner.
    You have to put the battery in the suburban to drive the story ahead.

Marking fragment 4-Chapter 4-Goal: Reed the electrical energy of electrical systems

  • After rerouting the electrical energy from the electrical systems, continue to flooring 3 of the bridge.
    Get in the break room, and you will find the fragment lying on the floor.

Marking piece 5-Chapter 5-Goal: Lockdown cancel

  • After you have actually lifted the lock, continue to Dr.
    C. Mercers office.
    You can discover the piece on his desk.

Marking piece 6-Chapter 6-Goal: Acquire the liquid nitrogen

After you have received the liquid nitrogen, continue to Cryogenics.
Go back to the location in which you have frozen the hunter, and you can see the piece at the top of the Kayo Cam.
You can use kinesis to grab it from above.

Marking piece 7-Chapter 7-Goal: Inject Wheeler 07

  • The fragment is on the top of the website, which lies in the East Grow Chamber.


It was the location where Wheeler 06 was initially if you don’t remember.
The piece is in a corner in a corruption.
You require utilizing kinesis to save it free of charge.

Marking piece 8-Chapter 8-Goal: Discover the SOS signal

  • Find the SOS signal.
    As quickly as you have the level 3 safety check, go to Mineral Samples and enter it.
    You will discover the piece on a shelf.

Marking piece 9-Chapter 9-Goal: Activate the Comms Variety

  • If you resolve the puzzle that drives the Comms Selection, you can see how the fragment hovers in a hole covered with corruption.
    It lies to the left of the interaction control.

Marking fragment 10-Chapter 10-Goal: Damage Tendril in Deluxe Quarter

  • First destroy the tendril in Deluxe Quarter.
    Now go to the hallway where the second tendril chaos does.
    Go into the doors at the circuit breaker.
    Next to the lower deluxe Shift Buns, where the marker is on a desk.

Marking piece 11-Chapter 11-Goal: Destroy Range in the Chief Seward workplace

  • Destroy the tendril, which raves in the Chief Steward office to try to find the fragment.
    Go close to the switching changes, where the tendril was originally.
    You need to see the fragment on a desk straight opposite the door.

Marking fragment 12-Chapter 12-Goal: Dedicate the freight crane

  • You need to move the marker in the cargo hold.
    As quickly as you have moved, you can see the tendril in the southeastern corner of the space where it rests on a shelf.