10 1st Generation Pokemon That Will Make You Rethink Your Strategy In Pokemon Blue and Red Edition

Many Pokémon fans are strongly believed that the former games of the series were considerably trickier.
Back then, to complete versus some beasts.
These 10 first generation Pokémon still chase you a shower over your back.

which Pokémon are the most?

We asked ourselves this question for the very first generation of Pokémon and put together ten of the most effective monsters in an image series.
Both good attacks and exceptional status values play a major function.
In addition, we also reveal you which guys in the first generation were particularly exceptional.

These ten Pokémon made you sweat a lot:
A few of the Pokémon listed are not surprisingly very powerful due to their unique position.


It is more surprising with other candidates.
In the end, these strong Pokémon of the very first generation provide a particular challenge, and you can demonstrate your skills as a Pokémon fitness instructor.
It is important to end up being the very best in the role-playing game!
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