Marcel Sabitzers Move To Manchester United Causes Controversy Amongst FC Bayern Supporters

Manchester United reacted to the offense of midfielder Christian Erik sen on the due date day and rapidly signed Marcel Sanitizer from FC Bayern.
The specialist opinions on the island show that the modification is not found as excellent by all observers.
Arsenal legend Paul Person told Sky s that the Austrian’s commitment was a timeless panic purchase: On January 1st there was no interest in him, now there is panic, Erik sen has actually just injured, and you get one right now
fourth-class players from Bayern Munich.
If I were a fan of Manchester United, I would take a look at him and ask myself why he isn’t for the train in the team from FC Bayern, however need to be excellent enough for Manchester United, continued the 54-year-old.

Man united legend Ferdinand defends Sanitizer loan

Declarations that Rio Ferdinand-Hemalen main protector of the Red Devils and now a specialist in British TV did not wish to rest on you.
Ferdinand came out on the YouTube channel Five as an outright fan of Marcel Sanitizer: I am absolutely thrilled. I saw a great deal of this player when he was at RB Leipzig, and it was marvelous.
Of whatever you did.
He likewise confessed that the 28-year-old could not prevail at the German record champion, it pointed out that the competition with Joshua Gimmick and Leon Goretzka was huge.

leaves Sanitizer FC Bayern in summer season?

You are not obliged by Bayern Munich when you are a fool. He is an actually excellent footballer. Manchester United could not have actually done it much better, Ferdinand applauded his ex-club.
The 81-time English worldwide was unable to resist a last idea versus Person when he described that he believed that Person Sanitizer did not even see play in his life.

In Munich, Sanitizer pertained to an overall of 54 missions in one and a half years.


He scored two objectives and two templates.
He never actually got out of the function as an additional gamer.
It is currently not clear whether the Austrian national gamer is playing for Manchester United in the coming season.
According to reports, the association has no purchase option in summer season.