Is Xbox Live Down? How To Check The Status Of The Server And What To Do Next

All players know that no online service is perfect, everyone fails at some point.
It is a bit more difficult to handle when one of the services of the largest consoles falls, but at least it is easy to get relevant information.
Here is how to verify the state of the Xbox Live server to see if Xbox is inactive.

Check the Xbox Live server status

Taking into account the size of Xbox, there are many places to verify if all the service has difficulties.
Your first stop should always be the Xbox Status support page.
This divides Xbox into its many parts so that you can see with sure if something is wrong in a particular area, such as games and games, multiplayer games and shops and subscriptions.
There is a good second option if you have problems, but Xbox does not recognize anything.

Go to the Conductor page for Xbox.
This website collects reports from players around the world, it is not necessary to wait for Xbox to announce a problem on your part.
If you are looking for possible ads about when a problem can be solved, you are likely to find them on the Xbox support Twitter account.

Xbox is fallen?

From 1:25 p.
ET of January 1.
On January 31, Xbox solved the login problems that users experienced an hour ago.
If you had problems recently, try to turn off the console completely and then turn it on again.
For PC players, completely close the Xbox application and reopen it.


Users should no longer have problems logging into Xbox Live.
Thank you for staying with us, and happy game.
-Xbox Support (@xboxsupport) January 31, 2023,
With the problems solved, everyone can enjoy Hi-fi Rush again.
That is all you need to know how to verify the state of the Xbox Live server to see if Xbox is inactive.
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PSA: Hi-fi Rush is not really available on all Xbox consoles