Iem Katowice 2023: All You Need To Know About The First Major CS: GO Event Of The Year With

First major CS International Championship: GO of the season, IEM Katowice 2023 has three azilian teams playing the event phase of the event: Curia, IEM Rio Major 2022, Pain Gaming and MIR.
With 24 participating teams and total awards of US $1 million (R $5.07 million, in the current dollar price), IEM KATOWICE will be played from Feuary 1 to 12, in Poland, with the playoff phase being played at
Spoken Arena.


MGG azil has prepared a complete competition guide, with table, games schedules, participating teams and more.
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Participating Times

  • Play-in (group phase qualifying): ninjas in pajamas, team Spirit, Cloud9, Gaming, MIR, IOC, Greyhound, OG, Once, Big, Sprout, Pain Gaming, Evil Geniuses, Fanatic, Alien
  • Group phase: Do Clan, Vitality, Outsiders, Heroic, Team Liquid, Navy, G2 Esports, Moue



  • Double elimination format
  • All opening matches are better from a map (MD1)
  • All other matches are better off three maps (MD3)
  • The eight best teams advance to the group stage

Group stage

  • Two groups of eight teams
  • Double elimination format
  • All parties are better off three maps (MD3)
  • The first three places advance to playoffs
  • The leader of each group advances directly to the semifinals;
    Teams that end in 2nd and 3rd place face each other in the quarterfinals


  • Simple elimination
  • Final and semifinals are played in MD3 format
  • Grande Final is played in MD5 format

Play-in table

Superior Key-1st Round (01/02)
07h00-Ence 16 x 7 Pain (Vertigo)
07h00-Cloud9 16 x 5 IOC (Mirage)
08h15-Mi x Nip (Nuke)
08h15-SPIRIT x Greyhound (Nuke)
09h30-SPOUT X OG
10h45-Furia x Allow ta
10h45-Big x Complexity
Superior Key-2nd Round (01/02)
12h00-Cloud9 x Once
12h00-Team Spirit x Ninjas In Pajamas
15h30-A Define
15h30-A Define
Lower Key-1st Round (02/02)
12h00-A Define
12h00-A Define
15h30-Pain Gaming x IOC
15h30-Mi x Greyhound
Lower Key-2nd Round (03/02)
12h00-A Define
12h00-A Define
15h30-A Define
15h30-A Define

Group phase table

A group

  • Liquid x to define
  • Navy x to define
  • Make clan x to define

Group B

  • Heroic x to define
  • Moue x to define
  • Vitality x to define
  • Outsiders x to define


Quarterfinals (Feuary 10)
11h30-2º Group B x 3rd Group A (MD3)
15h00-2º Group A x 3rd Group B (MD3)
Semifinals (Feuary 11)
11h30-1º Group A X to define (MD3)
15h00-1º Group B x to define (MD3)
FINAL (Feuary 12)
11h30-A Define


  • 1st place-$ 400 thousand
  • 2nd place-$ 180 thousand
  • 3rd/4th place-us $80 thousand
  • 5th/6th place-us $40 thousand
  • 7th/8th place-$ 24 thousand
  • 9th/12th place-$ 16 thousand
  • 13th/16th Slip-US $10,000
  • 17th 20th place-us $4.5 thousand
  • 21st/24th place-$ 2.5 thousand


  • GAULES-TWITCH (Portuguese)
  • Gaulestv-Twitch (Portuguese)
  • ESL_CSGO-TWITCH (English)
  • ESL_CSGOB-TWITCH (English)
  • ESL_CSGOC-TWITCH (English)