What Luis Enrique Said After Leaving As Coach Of The Spanish Soccer Team

With more than two hours of live and touching the 400,000 spectators, IAI and Luis Enrique chatted quietly about their stage in the selection, about the life and brief journey of the ex-selecitor of España on the purple direct platform.


The reception was quite good and people liked this talk among them.
Throughout the news, we will review the most outstanding moments of this interview in case you have not been able to see the live that was also renovated to the IAI Twitch Channel itself.

A possible last stream?

Speaking of his stage on Twitch, Luis Enrique still has to close some fringes for the money that will donate to beneficial causes.
They are in direct contact with the platform to make the entire donation to a foundation for the fight against cancer in Barcelona to prevent more than half of everything collected with tax subscriptions.
Once everything is solved, it is very possible for Luis Enrique to make his particular last dance and make a direct from his home to say goodbye to everyone and in which he and IAI talked about the possibility of getting together again, although this time
It would be in Asturian lands.
Twitch usually pays between the middle and end of the month, so in the next few days we will know more information in their social networks.
As for his future, the Asturian said that he would love to train a club, and one in particular, so we may very possibly see him at the orders of a set to plan the season and look for the objectives set by him and
by the organization.

Things that would change the World Cup

We already know how Luis Enrique is as for transparency and being direct.
In the questions of IAI and the chat of his channel he was asked two interesting questions about the baggage of the selection in Qatar.
The first one, which player had to play more in this event?
To which he responded clearly to Pablo Arabia.
After making a great Euro cup and being one of the pieces of the team, Arabia only played in the match against Morocco, something that the Asturian lamented, although we already know how the sport and complex that is the decision-making in seconds.
From this fateful game he spoke of the good work of a bonus and that some data to the players were hidden so as not to condition them for that bar of penalties that in the end left out the Spanish team.
Bonus guesses 80% of the sides of the launches, which makes an authentic unwavering wall for its rivals.
Finally, touching the issue of the call, it is clear that if the list of 26 players to go to Qatar again, I would keep 25 players and change one.
As it was logical and out of respect, Luis Enrique said nothing about the name of this player, but the networks soon made his speculation.

Luis Enrique’s gamer stage

To the surprise of many, Luis Enrique in his time was a casual video game player.
In the live he told him that he was the best of the selection concentrations when he was a player and that they played the former pro Evolution Soccer, who for him was better than FIFA at that time.
He has also played the Zombies of Call of Duty, a game mode that transports us to childhood or adolescence in which you joined with friends to take some games to one of the most loved and longed for ways by gamers.