They estimate that in 2025 the storage will be very cheap. New study estimates that cloud storage will be much cheaper in 2025


As the years progress, the storage issue is something important, because it becomes cheaper to pay to get GB, something that began to be something expensive on hard and USB discs.
And now, new data indicate that in some more years, large amounts of space will be relatively cheaper compared to this moment.
Blackface, a company that is dedicated to cloud storage and data backup, has conducted a study with internal data to see what costs will be for the future.
The company found that the value of each GB has decreased by 87.4% from 2009 to November 2022, with a loss of 0.52% monthly.
Then in mid-2025 1 GB, it would be approximately $1 USD.
Then, if an average is removed, the 22 TB and 24 TB records will have a cost of $1 USD per GB.
So users can acquire hard drives for almost $200 USD.
Amount that a person can disburse today by 5 TB records, especially those of solid state.

Via: Tech spot
Editor’s note: I hope this also happens with the micro SD memories, because I would like to buy some for Nintendo Switch.
But, at that time I suppose the successor will be on sale.