Smilegates full -scale indie game festival, Burning Beaver.

Smile gate’s full-fledged indie game festival, Burning Bieber, has the first film.

The burning beaver will be held at Singalong Garosu-gil, away from the places where many existing game events such as WINTER, CODEX, and Pang yo were held.
The event space is a separate pop-up space on the three-story pop-up space located on the main street of Garosu-gil.

Burning Beaver is the first online-line hybrid indie game festival that Smile gate is trying to attend not only game exhibitions but also exhibition exhibitions, game jams, awards, and conferences.
Among them, this offline exhibition, which is the flower of the Burning Beaver, is not only able to meet gamers and indie developers and get feedback, but also introduce games loved by Stove Indie through the voting of those who visited the site.
Awards are held together.

Burning Beaver offline venue, full of ‘beavers’ shining with passion, has been felt that many things that have been built through the Indie game platform, Stove Indie and Indie Game developers, have been built through the Future Labs, which have not spared a variety of support.
I took a picture of the burning beaver offline venue, which was white all over the eyes yesterday, but the enthusiasm of hot indie developers who seemed to melt the eyes.

Meanwhile, on the 17th and 18th of the weekend, forces events such as Stove Indie Awards, voice actors and streamer’s fan signing events will be held.
Burning Beaver offline events will be held from Friday 16th to Sunday, and the online exhibition can participate until January 15 next year.
All online and offline must have tickets to participate.