FIFA 23 Winter Wildcards Leaks & Release Date

Every year in FIFA, a Winter Wildcards promo event is held. This week, the leaked FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Winter Wildcards promo has been released to the public, and we’ve got all the details.

The World Cup content will quickly be over in FIFA 23 Ultimate Group, which implies its time for the routine promotions again!

Winter Wildcards is leaked to return to FUT, commemorating the festive season with enhanced players as presents.

Have a look at everything you need to learn about Winter Wildcards event in FIFA 23 Ultimate Group right here and remain on top of all the latest news and leaks.

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Winter Season Wildcards Release Date

The Winter Wildcards promo is leaked to be released on Friday, 23 December, at the normal time of 2pm ET/ 6pm GMT, taking over from the World Cup Team of the Tournament team.

Winter Wildcards COUNTDOWN

Winter Wildcards

The brand-new cards will naturally be released into Packs, and come through Objectives and SBS.

Far, no players have been dripped to gain a Winter Wildcards card.

The event is rumored to run for two weeks, with Group 2 dropping on Friday, 30 December, prior to being changed by the brand-new FUT Centurions occasion.

Winter Wildcards is a returning promotion in Ultimate Team, initially seen in 2015 and keeping FUT mas far from the game.

Some players might receive position changes, others an upgrade to their weak foot or ability moves, or perhaps a change of their dominant foot completely!


In FUT 22 numerous discounts also had an accompanying Swaps program-including Winter Wildcards-and it looks set to return.

We don’t expect masses of rewards to be up for grabs, nevertheless, there should be a couple of Pack rewards and a couple of Winter season Wildcards gamers to claim.

It is stated to run for 2 weeks, which suggests a Team 1 and a Team 2 release, with a Swaps program also dripped to come.

It is dripped that 25 Swaps Tokens will be on deal, but we do not yet know what benefits there will be.


We will upgrade this area as quickly as any are exposed.

As usual, the cards will get huge boosts to their statistics and scores, but that’s the only consistency you will discover.


If it follows the very same format as previously, then it will produce a load of mixed-up gamers.


Just Like Icon Swaps, you can earn Tokens as benefits from Objectives-and extra ones via Packs in the FUT Store-then trade them in against matching SBS for leading rewards.