Craftton AI Fellowship: The Practical Start To Practical Talent

Craft Tone (CEO Chang-Han Kim) will hold a scholarship program for the development of core talent in AI.

Craft Tone AI Fellowship is a scholarship program that provides university students with on-the-job experience and quality curriculum.
The plan is to foster the talents found in the program as a future expert to expand the research and promote new businesses.
The number of selections will be given a variety of benefits, including 10 million won for research scholarships and two months of craft ton AI Research Center internship and mentoring.

Scholarship students perform research projects and write papers during the internship period.
If the thesis written passes the examination of the AI Society, the society will also be paid.
In particular, internship excellent graduates also give craft tone opportunities.

The recruitment period is from December 12 to 31, and the final result will be announced at the end of February 2023.
The selection process is in three stages, followed by the 1st online test, the second offline test, and the third oral interview.
As it aims to cultivate core talent, each test screening consists of the best levels of problems, from AI theory to application technology.

Lee Kangaroo, head of Deep Learning Division, said, This scholarship program is prepared with unprecedented benefits and systematic curriculum aimed at discovering and cultivating top-level talent in Korea.
I will support you to be immersed.

Detailed introductions and screenings for the Craft Tone AI Fellowship Program can be found on the official recruitment page.