Wow Legendarys drop in Dragonflight. if not intended

Whether in Legion or Shadowlands-Die WoW developers have been generous in the past with the distribution of Legendary.
In Dragon Flight, the systems of the borrowed power, which also include legendary, should belong to the past.
Instead, the focus should be on the dual talent trees and normal equipment should be the main source for the strength of our character.
We shouldn’t actually meet any legendary items on the dragon islands.
Now it seems that players can at least capture the templates for Shadow lands legendary… from the Tusk arr saucepan.

Legendary from the saucepan

The fact that you can capture a legendary template on the dragon islands shouldn’t be that way.

It is obviously a bug.
However, the mistake is not very serious because it has no negative impact on the experience of any player.
Therefore, the players take it with humor and discuss their own explanations of what the bug could be all about.
At the forefront is the idea that we have actually lost the fight against the dungeon and are now in a matrix he created.
And since he can pull more anima out of us, if we are happy, Dragon Flight has also become such a good expansion.
Others see nothing more than the indication of the next soup (R) evil weight.


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In general, however, this is not the first problem of this kind. The developers seem to have torn up some construction sites with the new loot system that they have not yet been able to close.
Because the reports of players who were able to capture classic materials on the dragon islands are increasing and also endgame items in their own pocket in the level dungeons.
So there is still a lot of work ahead of the developers.
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Philipp Settler