How to cook Margarita pizza in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dream light Valley, players can prepare unique recipes using ingredients found in different biomes.
Margarita pizza is a four-star recipe classified as the main dish, and players should know which ingredients to use to prepare this dish.
Here’s how to cook Margarita pizza in Disney Dream light Valley.

Recipe of Pizza Margarita from Disney Dream light Valley

Margarita pizza is a four-star recipe, which means that it requires four different ingredients to prepare it.
Players need one piece of cheese, one piece of tomato, one piece of wheat and one part of any grass cook this dish.
Grass is a universal ingredient in this recipe, which allows players to choose from different spices.
Here’s how to find all the ingredients for this dish.
You can buy in the pantry of CZZ Remi for 180-star coins.
You can buy in Kiosk Sufi at Dazzle Beach for 33-star coins.
Tomato seeds can be purchased in the same store for eight-Star Coins.
Wheat can be bought in the GUI counter at a peaceful meadow for one-star coin.
You can also collect wheat from the Valley garden.
Any grass
Oregano is the simplest grass that can be obtained, and you can collect it in the square.
Having collected all the ingredients, visit the culinary station and add all the items to the furnace.
Use one piece of coal ore to cook Margarita pizza.
Players can sell this recipe for 336-Star Coins.
You can also eat Margarita pizza to make up for 813 energy.
If you do not eat this dish, we recommend that it give it to the companion to increase the level of friendship with it.
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