Towards the closure of The Witcher Beast Slayer, followed by a dismantling of the Spokko studio


As part of the diversification of its activities, we keep in mind that the CD Project group has, for a time, Lorene to the mobile game: in 2018, the Polish group had actually bought the Spokeo Games studio (concentrating on the advancement of mobile video games).
And the fruit of this partnership triggered the launch of The Witcher Beast Slayer in July of Last Lannée-for the record, the title took the type of mobile video game in actual increased, positioning the player in the shoes of a watchman tracking the monsters (virtual.) progressing in its area (genuine).
Obviously, the game does not come across enough success to justify the continuation of its exploitation-periods of pandemic and confinement have actually complicated for increased reality games.
CD Project announces its progressive closure: The Witcher: Beast Slayer will no longer be distributed on Google Play and Apple App Store from January 31 and the video game will close definitively on June 30, 2023.
In the process, CD Project likewise announces the programmed taking apart from the Spokeo studio.

In accordance with its brand-new technique, CD Project now means to concentrate on its flagship projects and to subcontract the development of mobile games with third-party designers (in the Records de License).
Spokeo is planned to be merged in CD Project and the staff members of the studio to come to reinforce the group’s labor force.
This reorganization needs to be verified by the boards of directors of the two companies (we envision that it is an easy procedure) and dice there, the valuation of Spokeo will be reassessed-the valuation of the studio today is assessed at 32.4 million.
PLN (6.9 million EUROS), it will nevertheless be obviously diminished with the progressive closure of The Witcher: Beast Slayer (the main active of the developer), facilitating its integration into CD Project.