Street Fighter 6 confirms Second Beta closed: dates, characters, modes and how to register

In the Cap com test laboratory, the new installment of the best known video game saga is still cooking. Street Fighter 6 still h no relee date, but Japanese developers have had the community to improve the product during the creative process. After a first beta, the Japanese will launch a second test, which will also be closed. When? From December 16 to 19 (9:00 CET) on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Steam PC. They also confirm that there will be a cross game between platforms.

During those four days, selected players can try different ways, well appreciate the changes and improvements that Cap com h implemented after hearing the opinions of the members of the community. In addition, those who were admitted in the original closed beta will not have to register again.

How to register and requirements

  1. Before you register you must have Cap com ID account (you can register here). You have to be linked to your platform account.
  2. Next, click on registering in the closed beta test, through the official website.
  3. The selection is made by draw, not by order of registration. If you cannot access the registration page, try it again later. It is forbidden to transfer, buy, sell or lee the software of the closed beta test or its access to other people.
  4. It is forbidden to modify or analyze the software used in the closed beta test.
  5. If an error arises during the registration process, wait and try again later.


for the game modes, the list is follows: characters creation (only the first time), clsification fighting, friendly fighting, battle hub fighting, open tournaments, training mode, hub good store, extreme fighting (newspaper), Game Center (Dario), Challenge (Dario), DJ cabin and photographic place.

The scenarios include locations such Metro City, Gen bu Temple, Carrier Byron Taylor, Than Hong Yuan, The Macho Ring, Training Room, while playable characters are BYU, Ken, Luke, Jamie, Chung, Guile, Kimberly and Jury.

Street Fighter 6 is scheduled for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. Read our first impressions.