Nintendo did not know of the existence of one of the original 151 Pokemon when Red and Blue were released

The Pokémon franchise is crowded with interesting stories, and there is a very curious involving the first games released in 1996 for the famous Game Boy: the iconic Red and Blue.
Nintendo had no idea of the existence of one of the original 151 Pokémon.
Today the universe has hit the 1000 Pokémon mark with the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet debut-which features 400 creatures in the Pale region.
Of course this Pokémon would be nothing less than the legendary Mew-the psychic monster who has been the target of various myths and legends by the community since its debut.

But how was it possible to Nintendo, own owner of the saga, not know that it would be implemented in games?
This was explained during an old interview conducted by Satori IATA, former global president of the company, with Tsunezaku Sahara, CEO president of The Pokémon Company, and Shield Mormon, game designer and programmer of game Freak.

The release of Pokémon Red and Blue

During the interview, which was part of the IATA Asks series, it was revealed that Pokémon Red and Blue-initially Red and Green in Japan-began to be planned in 1990 and was only released six years later.
Nintendo had no idea of the success it would be.
Several problems surrounded the launch of Pokémon Red and Blue, in addition to the long development time there was a delay in publication of the games and initial sales were not at all good.

Mew was created as a joke

The return over Pokémon Red and Blue gradually happened and by the power of the Word.
People began to be interested in Pokémon and also had a small push from the specialized media.
However, the icing on the cake was precisely the mew factor.


Initially there would be only 150 Pokémon in the games-Mew was created by Shield Mormon solely as a joke and would not be inserted, mainly because the cartridge of Red and Blue was already completely full.
It was in the last seconds of the second half that some elements were removed from the game during the final review.
It was precisely at this moment that Mormon and Sahara added Mew to the left space.
But it was something under the cloth, mainly because Mormon was warned not to add anything after the review.
But there is one, however, although added, it was not to appear in the game.
He should only be filed for possible future additions.
Obviously this is not what happened: because of some mysterious error the legendary Pokémon appeared in the games of some lucky (this is how the legends started).

The return over Pokémon Red and Blue

The creators of Pokémon Red and Blue stated that Mew’s sudden appearance was precisely the turning key to the success of the games.
This is because an action called A Legendary Pokémon Offer, with approximately 78,000 participants, was made to elect 20 players who would have their cartridges loaded with Mew data.
In the end it all worked out: Mormon was definitely not fired, Pokémon Red and Blue was the beginning of a relentless saga and Mew was the savior of the day.