How to get through Shocking Stuff Penance in Darktide

Some achievements in Warhammer 40k: Dark tide check your skills at the highest level. To quickly get these achievements, you need extensive knowledge about the rules of the game and the highest level of skills.

You will find such an achievement for the class preacher on the pages of repentance. The achievement of Shocking Stuff requires you to eliminate 50 stunned enemies during a small window in 10 seconds. To unlock this achievement, the level of complexity must be established on the threat of evil intent or higher.


Achievement sounds difficult, but the correct tactics and skills can be the key to its receipt.

This leadership explains how the balance between the team, level, weapon and location can help you pass Shocking Stuff in Dark tide.

How to get a repentance of Shocking Stuff

You need to communicate with your teammates to complete this difficult task. They need to stop shooting at stunned enemies so that you can commit all the killings to fulfill to achieve. Work together and finish this difficult task.

It is recommended to wait until you reach the 30th level to try this test. At the level 30, you will have the fury of the faithful, increasing your speed of attack by 20 percent on your ultimate. Makes you a powerful car for damage for 5 seconds, helping to eliminate the maximum number of goals.

The most important aspect that promotes this task is your weapon. You need a weapon that can inflict maximum damage to destroy 50 targets in 10 seconds. The main weapon that you need to have to solve this problem is a flamethrower. You can go with Artery MK III a cleansing flamethrower; This flamethrower will help you complete the task without any problems.

Finally, you must choose a narrow and affordable place to land light-school grenades in target points. The best place for all these attributes is a bridge, and you can stun and kill enemies there with much greater ease. The proposed places to complete this assignment task: the abyss of logistratum as well as the Oblique vigil station.