Citizen Evil 3 Remake All trunk codes

In the western workplace of the Cops Department of the City of Raccoon,
You can find a safe, as in the Resident Evil 2 renovate. The code is.
Similarly, the exact same: 9-15-7.

Pharmacist safe.

Throughout Local Evil 3 you will satisfy a.


number of locked chests and lockers that can only just opened with the.
mix. Unlock typical puzzles, there is no solution based upon things; you will require.
To find each code on the planet and understand it manually.

Since it consists of a hip, this is particularly crucial to obtain.
Pouch, which increases your inventory area with two places.

There are a total of 4 codes to find, beginning with:.

West Office Box.

Load and shower space on the third flooring of the RCPD.

Another safe appears later on the 2nd floor of the hospital.
If you, this safe need to be opened by Carlos; I will find nothing.

Attempt to open it by having fun with her.

Quite easily in his newspaper. No one knows the code, not even my spouse. It’s a.
secret between in between and my beautiful lovely aqua cure Remedy, and she would never abandon desert.
Along the rear wall. The code numbers are surrounded there: 9-1-8.

The code is a simple two figures, discovered on a clipboard in.
The operating space: 9-3.

The owner of the pharmacy is kind sufficient to expose the secret.
Rather quickly in his newspaper. No one understands the code, not even my better half. It’s a.
secret between me and my lovely queen aqua cure… and she would never abandon her.
For a thief..

Sure in the health center.

Just cross the street to go to your pharmacy and.
Discover Aqua Cure marketing (almost more a pin-up, really) plastered everything.
Along the rear wall. The code numbers are surrounded there: 9-1-8. Remember.
Radial chests go to the left for the very first code, right for the 2nd, and once again on the left.
For the 3rd.

Like the above code, it is the exact same as in the previous one.
Video game: DCM for the locker and CAP for the shower room.