Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The worst and most bizarre bugs found by players

Welcome to Pale, a gigantic open world where Pokémon, coaches, pixelated trees and other animals live. Pokémon Scarlet Violet are games with good but very frustrating elements. Showing clearly large ambitions, the game has great sides: good gameplay, open world, content, quality soundtrack, etc. But, unfortunately, the reason why it is most talked about is your technical problems, sometimes hilarious. Games are not optimized enough, textures from another century… Soon we are coming in 2023, and we wondered if Game Freak found the formula to return in time.


An anthology of bugs

Numerous technical problems are much talked about in the networks and the community shares the multiple anomalies present in the game. Here is a compilation of videos and comments that summarize all the negative things you can find in Pale:

had everything to be a good game

The word to summarize this last Pokémon is frustration. Because if we disregard the sometimes abominable graphics and the fact that we pay $299 (!) For him, Scarlet/Violet is a good game. If all technical problems did not exist, most agree that this last Pokémon is the best of the saga in terms of gameplay and content. It remains to be seen if the Freak game will deliver a new generation with solid bases to run smoothly on the switch, a console that has other titles that run perfectly and full-style-like-like-like molds.