Adventures of a drunken occult doctor at a new era of dawn

The Centime has long been a glimpse of Fallout: even as a new Vegas instructor in the eye of Joshua Sawyer, a familiar Obsidian-Konkari. Now this passion project has finally seen the light of day. The result is a dialogue-oriented story-oriented story adventure that many lovers of history will certainly enjoy.


The puppet has been machined longer than many guesses. Joshua Sawyer has said that he has had an idea for Obsidian bosses a couple of times over several years. However, the idea was so much Niche that the company in the money-making company could not take the risk of implementing it. However, after Microsoft bought the company’s situation. Josh introduced his polished idea again, and as the Game Passport allows the product’s extra cost to play, from the date of release, it was finally possible to make a small budget story game. Josh struck the rudders with artist Hannah Kennedy to create a murder mystery just after the medieval period, which has great depth for both the script and the visual arts. The work is certainly not for everyone’s taste, but for players who enjoy dialogue adventure, this is a confident gem.

How is history read

In the work, the player jumps into the artist Andreas Male’s boots. Andreas is completing his masterpiece in the Upper Bavarian monastery until he is murder for his acquaintance. As a confident acquaintance from innocence, Andreas begins to find out the mystery and encounters other riddles and secrets on that side. It is up to the player to consider who is most likely to be killed or who deserves to be most condemned.

Each episode of the puppet is located in a different era from 1518 and continues for a total of 25 years from now on. The work has been very much sprinkled in the historical fact of literature, especially from that time. There is also a slightly more mysterious tension. The charming fine art with its minimalist animations complies with this point of view impossibly. The storytelling also flows quite juicy, which is, of course, vital to such a story adventure.

The main character is seasoned to your taste

As is typical of Obsidian, the output also offers nice role-playing elements to color: the user chooses a variety of background information for Andreas. First, we choose where our artists have traveled everywhere, which determines what languages he or she knows and which cultures have become familiar. After that, he has chosen what he has been doing in his spare time, which in turn opens up his personality a bit. Then we choose what has come to study and which other topics are interested in Andrea during their studies. That is, my own artist became a drunken hedonist who studied medicine, but was also very interested in occultism and also had the noble skill of logical reasoning. These features determine how Andreas is progressing in his research and to what conclusions he comes to the mystery. So the experience is always slightly different for every player and experience, depending on these choices.

pen this time is more awesome than the sword

Playing consists mainly of chatting on the side characters and a bit of researching places. This game mechanics is what is going to share the players’ opinions the most. In my opinion, the writing was fascinating and exciting, but frankly, I got bored a little while playing. Purina alone couldn’t keep my interest, so it is completely understandable that the work is not really a cup of tea. However, I see how much the workload for writing the pent per has been put, and I greatly admire the artistic view of the work. No such fruit may not be appreciated.

The work can really be found in Game Pass, so you can try the game well for the monthly fee. If such a calmer brain nut and dialogue-focused story game is your hay, you would probably be a pearl worth a five star.