Game Water Management Committee Meeting, what did you say?

The Game Water Management Committee (Chairman Kim Kyu-cheol) announced that it would strengthen the transparency of the classification process by revealing the minutes of the meeting that was criticized for being criticized for being blamed. He also said he would hold a user meeting as soon as possible. The game meeting was held 77 minutes more than the scheduled one hour.

On the 10th, Chairman Kim Kyushu apologized for the fact that he did not communicate smoothly with game users on the recent issues surrounding the committee.

In this place, the Game Committee announced a plan to improve in four areas: △ building a regular communication channel, strengthening transparency of the classification process, monitoring ex officio classification, and strengthening committees, and improving civil service services.

The Game Committee will regularize ‘conversation with game users!’ And will promote direct communication and establish a policy proposal corner on the official website. This year, we decided to hold the ‘Game User Communication Meeting’ and listen to the user’s voice. In addition, we will actively reflect opinions by building a communication network for the game community and Internet broadcasting staff. In addition, by posting video and image cases by age rating on the homepage, the user’s curiosity about the classification criteria is easily explained, and the reorganization is made to easily find the information that the user needs.

The Game Committee decided to transparently disclose the decision-making process to reflect the user’s demand for transparency. In the past, when there is an application for information disclosure, the game committee preemptively classifies classification, ex officio classification, and subcommittee on the homepage. To this end, we will prepare detailed measures such as the release of the minutes, the timing, and the procedure, and the amendment of the relevant regulations will be completed within the year. If there is an objection in the classification process, the institutional improvement will be made to make transparent decisions by reflecting not only game developers but also external game experts.

According to the schedule of the game committee, the minutes of the minutes are scheduled to be implemented in November this year, the December 2023, and the February 2023.

The Game Committee will strengthen its expertise in the classification process, reflecting the point of expertise. Currently, three members of the subcommittees, which are currently three, will be expanded to five, and two external game experts will be appointed.

It also strengthens monitoring of game materials for ex officio classification. Currently, cross-monitoring is being made in two times for age-based boundary games. It will expand this to three times and subdivide the monitoring report to strengthen the expertise and objectivity of monitoring. If necessary, we will use additional in-depth monitoring for monitoring analysis for the results of the monitoring analysis.


When hiring the monitoring group, the Game Committee will promote professional manpower by preferring the game department and the game industry career, and strive to foster game experts in the committee by strengthening internal employee education.

In addition, the Game Committee improves the notice of the complaint room and door attachment, which has caused unnecessary misunderstandings, improves the attachment notice, and promotes the environment so that the complaints can conveniently visit the committee. In addition, the government decided to expand civil complaints for all employees and conduct research to improve the award and customer satisfaction for excellent civil service.

The Game Committee also explained its position on the recent controversial game.

In the case of game materials that have recently been upgraded, the production company responds to the game material when the manufacturer applies for classification to its own class classification business, △ sexual act, △ obscene/sexual topic or expression, △ exposure or stimulating costumes. It was classified as a user.

The Game Committee said, However, it was confirmed that the monitoring of the game shows that the physical exposure to the main parts of the female character and the voice that suggests sexual activity. I decided to be an impossible game.

In the decision, the classification company has expressed its opinion on the notification of the grades, and if the manufacturer makes an appeal in the future, the Game Commission plans to proceed with the procedure to collect opinions.

Regarding the controversy over the ‘Sea Sin 2’, the game committee said, Sea stories, concepts and graphics are similar, but unlike the sea story, which is determined by coincidence factors, Sea Sin 2 is determined by user ability, limiting the amount per hour. The game industry law, etc., he said. If the game is distributed through illegal modifications and modulation, we will thoroughly crack down on illegal activities through on-site crackdowns.

Regarding the criticism that the plagiarism game was classified as a plagiarism game, the game committee is not a copyright agency, he said. Did.

Regarding the request for national audit, the Game Committee said, If an audit of the game follow-up management system is implemented, we will receive the audit faithfully in accordance with the relevant laws and procedures.

Kim Kyu-cheol, chairman of the game, water management committee, said, If the game company was the center of the industry from the era of the game industry in the game industry, the role of game users is more important than ever. I will continue to make a place to listen to the voice directly.

Game Management Committee’s major Q & A

Q. I’m curious about the standards of external game experts that the game committee said.

= The existing game expert said that professors of the Department of Game Studies. Nowadays, many experts appear in the field rather than academia. There is also a YouTuber who protects the rights of game users. The Game Committee is planning to collect the data as much as possible to organize the group to serve game experts in the field.

Q. The minutes of the minutes are the principle of professional disclosure?

The minutes before 2018 recorded their remarks by distinguishing the members. Since then, some issues have begun to record only the remarks of the committee. Later, even if the committee’s remarks have been abbreviated, please understand that the minutes were disclosed.

Some members were uncomfortable with their opinions on the release of the minutes. However, I think that the opinion of the committee is public information. In the future, we will basically disclose it before the complaints are required.

Q. Recently, the Korean Game Society has criticized it, including defining the game committee as a redundancy. What is your position on this?

= The opinion of the chairman is respected. As a public institution, you can get a whip. I will actively reflect my listening children.

Q. There are many things that the game is trying to do. I wonder if it will be possible with the scheduled game budget next year.

= Expectations are expected to be about 12.8 billion won next year. Even if there is a lack of its own budget, there is a part that can be collaborated with the Korea Creative Content Agency. It is not just our budget. You have to spend your taxes efficiently, so what you mentioned will be a senior. We will expand the next year and expand the budget to discuss with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism or the National Assembly.

Q. What do you think about the controversy over the probability of the mobile MMORPG?

= The issue of probability item is that the legislative stage is discussed in the National Assembly. We are an organization that executes when the law is made. If you seek opinions from us, it is difficult to first speak in the legislative process.

Q. Isn’t it inappropriate for a ban on access to the game office?

Arcade game officials have been scared of the employees at the game office in the past. I smashed the device. So the sign was attached to the minimum defense. However, it may have been unpleasant for the complaints of this issue. In the past, arcade issues have been eliminated, so they removed the ban on the entry and exit today.

Q. There was no talk about the fact that the employee mined the cryptocurrency within the game.

= The issue is true, and the game commission is strictly looking at the issue. Strictly disciplinary proceedings are proceeding. The disciplinary committee is also composed of outsiders without an insinuate to seek legal judgment. The parties can present their opinions such as objection, so if they are finally confirmed, they will be disclosed. First, the disciplinary opinion has been in progress from the first stage.

Q. Is there any opinion that the National Archives pointed out that the minutes of the game were poor?

Inner review of the law, and the minutes of the National Archives are thought to be the minutes of the meeting by nine members of the game committee. There are several meetings on the game, including follow-up management, quarterly boards, and technical deliberation. In our judgment, the committee meeting as a public institution is being written faithfully, and the minutes of the board of directors lies in Also. We try to call our position and improvement in the National Archives.

Q. It is pointed out that the classification of the game committee is inconsistent among the users, and it is conservative compared to the global standards.

= I heard a lot of trouble recently after hearing criticism of ‘arbitrary interpretation’. If you ask is you are objectively deliberating the meandering, violence, and sensationalism in the game method, I will not answer. According to the Game Industry Act, experts from various fields are commissioned. I also believe that their expertise can be a standard for the game. There may be something we made. However, it is hard to agree to think that the criticism is correct.

The game committee has about 4,000 classifications every year. In 10 years, there will be 40,000 cases. As a sample, about 99% of the classification standards are used to meet the classification criteria. However, there are games on the border. I think there is a difference between gamers’ eye level and social eye level in the game on the border. Game researchers and teams are trying to narrow it.

Rating classification regulations must quickly reflect the trend of the times. Institutionally and practically, the classification criteria can be adjusted according to the times.

The point of view is partially recognized. Internally, it is considered a colostrum, and the same problem may occur next year. The game committee arbitrarily judged sensationalism. The graphic artist is also concerned about the results. If you make this, this is okay. As the times have changed, there is something to think of the game as a developer mind. But you can’t get out of the law. Then you will be accused of monarchy. It’s frustrating because it’s trapped in the middle. It will continue to be repeated, so it will show the judgment process and the result.

Q. I’m curious about the latest committee on the P2E game.

= The chairman is said to be opposed, but if I will allow it in the current law, I will be accused of business. The game commission is not a place to make a law, but a place moving by the law. The P2E is a form of a fusion of virtual assets of the game ecosystem and finance. You have to solve it comprehensively, it’s not a problem al1. I think three axes, the game committee, law, and business owners, are a comprehensive problem.

Q. When the game company made an objection to the sensational issue, the committee rarely accepted it. Do you have any plans to change this part before?

= The ex officio reclassification system does not exist for a specific game. However, I agree with the opinion that the social environment and perception of the game should be changed. In the future, we will actively reflect the opinions of game users and experts. In the future, I hope that there will be discussions on the improvement of grade classification. In addition, we will strengthen communication with game companies along with user communication.

Q. If you look at the current history of the game committee members, the game expert seems to be about two including the chairman. In March next year, five members of the game will withdraw from their term. Will you focus on expertise when you are appointing the next committee members?

= The game committee does not appoint a committee. However, I am planning to have a game expert as a committee member.

Q. Although the game commission regulates meandering, games that cause serious meandering in general games are being distributed.

If you look at the meandering game defined in the law, you can directly lose money with prizes or dividends. If you look at this content as the standard of the game, there are many things to check in the classification stage. This part requires legislative solution. Ideas are expected to come out through future discussions. It is difficult because it is not an area that can be distinguished like a knife.

Q. It is said that it will post a clear standard for sensationalism on the homepage. In the case of a skirt, how many cm above the knee will come out in detail?

= The present standard presentation seems to be unpredictable for the game company. In case of the case of the ex officio teams that have been accumulated for many years, I will show you the image and show why I received this classification. It’s not just a few cm on your knee. That way, it will be criticized for the era of Austin. In the future, the classification criteria will be improved so that gamers and applicants can predict.

Q. Please explain the expression ‘Steam is a headache’.

= If you enter Steam for follow-up management, there is a porn level game. Even though the understanding of the game is different, we ask Steam to stop the service for the pornography-level game. It is a class classification company on Steam to guide the game in Korea.

Q. Please tell me about the game user meeting plan.

= I seek opinion on how it is best. It is planned not to be a one-sided explanation of the game. First, after G-Star, it will be held within the year.