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Is Darius still in the deprivation tank in Atlanta? Explained

Atlanta season 4 has just finished, and being the end of the series, obviously there are many questions that fans still have about the program that expect them to be answered at some point. However, there is no more pressing question than everyone has regarding the end of the program. Here is everything you need to know about if Darius continues in the tank in Atlanta .

Deities left the deprivation tank in Atlanta?

Unfortunately, there is no concrete response on whether darius is still in the deprivation tank at the end of episode 10 of Atlanta season 4. , since the camera does not show the television screen that would have given the possible answer. In the episode, Darius states that he always knows if he is in the tank if he can see a thick version of Judge Judy, since the fact that he looks completely different from what is seen in the real world is an indication that he is dreaming.

This is a concept similar to that of totems in Inception, since it is an object or idea that the person who dreams can use to remember that they are dreaming. Before we can see if the version of a Darius totem is, in fact, there, the show ends, showing only the smiling face of the dreamer.


Was the Atlanta television series just a dream?

As a result of this lack of response, an interesting theory has now emerged that the program is part of Darius’s imagination. While this everything was a dream final may seem like an escape for some, it would explain the large number of episodes and events of Twilight Zone that have occurred in the program in more recent seasons.

When talking about the end with Deadline, executive producer Stephen Glover spoke about the end a little more in depth.

I do not think it is Que deep, but I think there is the idea that everything has felt like a dream in atlanta anyway. [WHETHER IT’S] real or false, everything feels real for you anyway. I think that is the idea we left with: this idea of having your friends together and having a good time and eating Popeye and laughing. It’s something like that, is that a dream or are you expressing these things you wanted anyway? You can feel like a dream.

For now, that’s all you need to know about is Darius is still in the tank in Atlanta ? To get more news, guides and functions about everything related to entertainment and games, be sure to search on Infinite.

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