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Bird trial game Bird Lawyer Case Book Domestic Nintendo Switch version released December 15. A court battle with a combination of Hayabusa and sparrow in Japanese

Publisher Seoul has announced that it will launch a court battle adventure bird lawyer‘s casebook for nintendo Switch on December 15. At the same time, the reception of the download version of this work has begun today at the Nintendo E Shop. The price is 3278 yen including tax for the download version, and the package version is 3850 yen including tax.

The Bird Lawyer Case Book is a court battle adventure set in France in the 19th century. The story is set in paris in 1848. In the turbulence, which was later referred to as the 1848 revolution, the animals imprisoned for innocent crimes are endless. Meanwhile, the player fights through the trial with his buddy Sparrow Song as a Hayabusa Jay Jay Falcon, who has not been able to be a lawyer. The purpose of the player is to help the French people who have been charged with innocent sin. In order to achieve that purpose, we will go around real Paris spots, meet various animals, and gather information while giving bribes and interrogating according to the situation.

This work will be released in the Nintendo E Shop in addition to download sales, and a package version will be released. The package version reservations have already been accepted at some online stores and actual stores. Those who have booked the package version will receive a special postcard by Mr. Maa. He was a creator who released a romantic adventure game Honolulu Boyfriend in 2011, and was one of the localization of this work. This time, a bonus is a postcard depicting a peaceful daily life in the studio of Robin, where the chicken prosecutor Colorado joins the combination of Falcon and Harrison. By the way, Robin seems to be his recommendation.

In addition, some stores have a limited reservation privilege. It seems that those who have booked on Amazon will get a digital wallpaper set, and those who have reserved with Miami will get an acrylic keychain.


This work, Bird Lawyer Casebook is a localized Japanese version of Aviary Attorney released overseas. Originally departed from the Kickstarter campaign, it is now available on Steam since 2015. It was also released in 2020 for Nintendo Switch overseas. At the time of writing, Steam has won the status of very popular, which is popular with 94%of 918 reviews. A highly evaluated adventure game is localized in Japanese for Nintendo Switch after seven years. According to Leo Full, I commented that the Steam version of this work did not implement Japanese.

The Bird Lawyer Case Book will be released on December 15 for Nintendo Switch.