Path of exile

Adding Back 4 BLOOD ACT6 Announcement of the 3rd DLC River of Blood -Friendly Tallboy along with the new cleaner

WB Games and Turtle Rock Studios have announced the 3rd DLC River of Blood River of Blood CO-OP Zombie Totter Back 4 Blood .

In this DLC, which is the last content of the annual path announced on the roadmap, ACT6, a new campaign story, appears. Five missions are spoken in a story that stops at various points and faces a new enemy threat. In addition, the former cult group cleaner TALK, multiple weapons and cards, eight types of character skins, and 12 kinds of weapon skins are added.

In addition, a cooperative tallboy JEFF that helps the cleaner have also appeared. It is said that TALK and teammate cleaners can call them using a whistle, bringing the ultimate confusion on the spot.

In addition, a new game mode TRIAL OF THE WORM will be implemented for free at the same time as DLC distribution. This is a EVE cooperative mode, which is going to be a high score while selecting a branch route, and it is said that online leader boards will be prepared, and you can earn supply points according to the difficulty of the broken route.

Back 4 BLOOD DLC 3rd River of Blood will be distributed on December 6, 2022, local time. DLC is sold alone and is included in the annual path.