Neowiz, partnership with Ogis to build Intella X DEX

Neo wiz (co-representative Kim Seung-cheol, BAE Tae-hyun) announced on the 8th that it signed a partnership with the blockchain company DAYS to develop the recentered exchange (DEX).

In this partnership, the two companies will build DEX services in the blockchain gaming platform ‘Intella X’ own wallet ‘Intella X Wallet’.

Intella X’s DEX will support Ethereum and polygon networks, and traded the Governance token, an Intella X token, as a utility token on the game on major virtual assets such as Ethereum and MAGIC and onboarding on Intella X platforms. The company plans to showcase the service.

Neo wiz adopts the ‘Automated Market Maker (AMM)’ method to create an environment where users can trade tokens more easily in DEX. In addition, the company plans to open the Devi service, such as Yield Farming, which can generate additional profits through token deposits.


On the other hand, ‘Otis’ is a blockchain technology company that has developed Devi services such as ‘Klansman’, ‘Mesh swap’ and ‘Belt Finance’. Recently, the multichain ecosystem is expanding through the cross chain platform ‘Orbit Bridge’.