Dragonfly, Special Force Rush Web 3.0 League Exhibition

Dragon Fly’s subsidiary D-Chain (CEO Byung-soo Won) announced on the 8th that he had successfully completed the offline qualifying competition held at a large shopping mall in the Philippines.

This ‘Special Force Rush Web 3.0 League Exhibition’ is an offline game competition held before the special commercialization of special force rushes. The regional qualifiers were held in the form of tournament tours, and at the same time, the relay live-streaming was performed by more than 20,000 views. Earlier in October, Dragonfly has been applying for participation online through the Philippine subsidiary and has held an online and offline qualifiers in connection with local PC rooms.

The tournament was characterized by e-sports that combined web 3.0 blockchain technology, and the number of online and offline visitors exceeded 20,000 estimates. The company has provided events such as K-Pop Cover Dance, Prizes and Game Lot, and will provide various contents benefits to special Force Rush users later.

The league will be expanded by regional qualifiers, which are held at the SM Mall, a major shopping mall in the Philippines, and regional qualifiers in Davao and Manila, major cities in the Philippines. It will be held in the form of a tournament, and the final league will be held in Santa Rosa, the largest floating population.

Special Force Rush is a version of the P2E (Play to Earn) version using the domestic online first-person shooting game (FPS) special Force intellectual property (IP). Special Force has surpassed 20 million cumulative members in the Philippines.