Smilegate Stove tests Social Platform Fidpool

[ Moon Byung-soo] Smile gate Stove shows the next-generation social video platform ‘P.POOL’, where you can communicate with a meeting online using videos, voice, and chat throughout, and conduct a private test (CBT). It was announced on the 7th.

Pi pool is a compound word of ‘Play’, which means play, and ‘pool’, which means the pattern of people gather. If the existing similar platforms focused on business meetings such as video conferences, the Pool put the strength in the fun factor. The company explains that it is suitable for not only the business video meeting but also for various private meetings such as hobbies, daily life, and leisure.

First, you can apply various augmented reality filters to decorate yourself. Middle Ages, detectives, thieves, as well as the concept of devil and astronauts are also possible.

You can also appear avatars beyond simply decorating. There are various avatars using Smile gate’s famous IP, Lost Arc’s mascot ‘Rococo’ and Smile gate’s Virtual Creator ‘Sea’. The avatars recognize the user’s appearance and make the same expression and open their mouths. You can change the background of the chat room with a 3D and 2D virtual screen or use a variety of emoticons.

It also has convenience. According to the meeting characteristics and the TPO (Time, Place, OCCASION), you can choose customized conversation mode such as room mode and hole mode. It is easy to share the screen and materials, so it is convenient to communicate in real time by watching various contents such as YouTube videos. Another advantage is that it can be used free of charge.

The pi pool introduced in this test is a PC web version that can be used as a web browser without installing the program. Individuals or organizations who wish to participate in the test can visit the Paul site, apply for a service experience, and receive a four-digit access code made up of numbers and alphabets. Users who are invited by the host who received the connection code can be connected without a separate login.

Stove plans to collaborate with various self-development and hobby communities during the test period to provide opportunities for experiences and verify services. There is a ‘online yoga on’ real-time yoga class and talk concert using the pi pool, and collaboration with Daewoo’s online reading community platform ‘Pardon’. Based on this, the company plans to listen to user opinions and upgrade the function of the pip. Stove plans to launch a mobile app after the test period and start the official service of Pool early next year.

Han Youngstown, CEO of Smile gate Stove, said, Paul is a multifunctional communication platform that can be used in various ways depending on the purpose. We will leap forward as a global social platform that actively communicates and develops with users around the world.