Females handball: Germany vs. Poland – DHB

Various other initial round opponents of the option of the German Handball Association (DHB) are now co-host Montenegro on Monday (6 p.m.) and the Globe Cup 4th Spain on Wednesday (8:30 p.m.)- I’m battle of the 2 there was a surprise on Saturday: Montenegro commemorated a clear one 30:23 (12: 9).

The German group looked anxious before around 400 viewers in the Maraca Arena, specifically at the beginning, yet worked far better as well as better right into play. Poland, however, has been awaiting a win at an EM given that 2014: 2016, 2018 and 2020, the group retired in the initial round.

With one more victory, the major round ticket would certainly already be safe and thus the initial German event destination. The initial three teams in the group of 4 get the next competition phase, the points won versus the primary round opponents are removed.

Tottered, fought, won: Germany’s handball females have made an action at the European Championship. After start-up problems, the team of nationwide trainer Markus Gaulish against Poland still won 25:23 (11:12) and also took the first 2 factors straight to the main round.

In Podgorica, Borussia Dortmund was the backspace gamer Alina Grijseels with eight objectives The Finest thrower, captain Emily Book only ran hot in the second round and concerned 6 objectives.

It was effort, stated Grijseels, yet we recognized that Poland was a strong group. In the half-time we stated that we needed more rate as well as aggression, and also, so we won the video game. In the need to remain in the next games from the start.

We know what we can do. I’m in good spirits, said Book before the video game against Poland. As well as Gaulish, for which the game at the very same time represented its event debut as a nationwide train, claimed: The happiness can not be higher.

DHB group wins nerve thrillers versus Poland

14.: Emily Book dominates in the left, but is taken on hard by Kobylinska. That offers 2 minutes and seven meters for Germany.

4.: Alexandra Ole sees the first yellow of the game.

Day Time Group 1 Group 2 Location, place.
5. November 2022:6 p.m. Montenegro Spain Sport ski Center Maraca, Podgorica.
5. November 2022 8.30 p.m. Poland Germany Sport ski Center Maraca, Podgorica.
7. November 2022:6 p.m. Germany Montenegro Sport ski Center Maraca, Podgorica.
7. November 2022 8.30 p.m. Spain Poland Sport ski Center Maraca, Podgorica.
9. November 2022:6 p.m. Poland Montenegro Sport ski Center Maraca, Podgorica.
9. November 2022 8.30 p.m. Germany Spain Sport ski Center Maraca, Podgorica.

However, the beginning was shaky from a German point of view. Book and also Co. hardly found a path through the Polish cover, caught over and over as well as thus encountered countless pace counterattacks. In the 7th minute, the DHB group was for the initial time with 2 goals, the deficit consequently matured to 4 goals.

30.: Germany is back! Playmaker Alina Grijseels discovers the gap in the Polish protection and shortens to 11:12.

Before the start: With Poland, a hefty opponent is waiting for Germany today. Germany won the last duel against Poland around a year ago with 31:27.

Handball EM of women: Females vs. Poland now in currently end of the live tickerReal-time

9.: This moment Poland sheds the sphere in the video game structure. Angina Grijseels can not be asked two times as well as reduces for Germany.

50.: This is very important for the group of Markus Gaulish. Alina Grijseels keeps his nerves on the seven-meter line. Poland leads with a hit.
| Gates
— |–
Germany | 25 (11).
Poland | 23 (12).

16.: On the German side, circuit jogger Make Schmoozer needs to get off the area for 2 mins. Poland uses this as well as moves a little to 8: 5.

Germany at the lady’s handball: schedule.

Germany wishes to accomplish considerably a lot more this time than in the previous Globe Cup as well as European Championship finals (7th area each), the organization has invested effectively. The top train in lady’s club handball was employed with Gaulish, and also a group reward of 250,000 euros for German female’s handball problems brings in a huge team for a possible title. Getting to the primary round is compensated with 30,000 euros.

25.: Poland leads with 4 objectives. Matuszczyk is played terrific on the circle and also remains awesome in front of the German box. 11: 7 from the perspective of Poland.

1.: Germany begins with stick scholars, Book, Grijseels, Maidhood, Behind and also Schmoozer. Filter is in the goal.

57.: Aleksandra Rosa promptly makes up for Poland.

39.: Germany is increasing the lead! This moment Alina Arises stands on the seven-meter line. She definitely fulfills 16:13.

18.: Poland presently looks like the much more patient group. On top of that, the DHB group pay for way too many round losses, so the leadership of the Poles is fine.

23.: This is bitter. Maidhood is back on the seven-meter line as well as honors once more. It remains with 7:10. Before this campaign there were 2 mins for Kobyllinska.

41.: There is a close issue! However, Germany is currently more alert, much more hostile. Make Schmoozer ratings her second goal in this video game.

56.: What a goal! The arm of the referees has actually long been up, the DHB group has to seek the conclusion. So Emily Book takes a heart without hinging to 23:22.

34.: Kobyllinska solutions with a hammer from the back area for the Pole.

49.: There is a head-to-head duel! There are still 10 minutes to play right here. Who wins the European Champion opening?

32.: and also there is the equilibrium. Xenia Smith gas from the throughout the Polish defensive as well as ratings the first goal in this second fifty percent. 12:12!

1.: and also there is the initial goal. Magda Balsam stays great on the seven-meter line and takes the lead for the Poles.

54.: as well as the stress you can see from the gamers. Both groups make lots of mistakes. It proceeds to be 22:22. There are still five mins to play.

31.: It proceeds in Montenegro.

The closer the break moved, the better the Gaulish group found its means. Goalkeeper Katharina Filter also had its share in the fact that Germany was back in striking range at the beginning of the 2nd fifty percent.

6.: Another ball loss of the DHB group. And also this time the sphere remains in there. 3: 2 for Poland.

44.: The break of Are Sens tad has a result. Poland adjusts in the individual of Mariola Wiertelak. This creates DHB train Markus Gaulish to relax later on.

Prior to the beginning: Yesterday the 15th European Handball Championship was opened. Now the German national group is also working today. The DHB ladies reach do with Poland in Team D, which is played totally in Podgorica. The various other 3 groups games occur in Ljubljana (group A), as well as Slovenian Cell (Team B) and in the northern Macedonian Skopje (Group C).

51.: It is going back as well as forth, the pace is currently extremely high. The game becomes a nerve thriller.

58.: Emily Book is advancing! Again she hits as well as dominates Germany with an objective.

Handball EM of women: Germany vs. Poland now in the Linebacker beginning second fifty percent.

60.: a few seconds can still be played below. DHB train Markus Gaulish makes the effort out again. Can Germany save the narrow lead over time?

10.: Captain Emily Book sees the initial yellow card for Germany.

Handball EM of females: Germany vs. Poland now in the online ticker beginning.

2.: Germany is not impressed. Settlement!

25.: After a brief video evidence there is a 2-minute punishment for Natalia Nose. For Germany, there is now the opportunity to reduce prior to the break.

11.: Julia Maidhood bases on the 7-meter line. She additionally does not have any nakedness. 4: 5 from the viewpoint of the DHB team.

After an extremely strong start, the video game appeared to topple, the DHB ladies dragged out three goals, and also Book also came right into their very own in the offending video game. Poland can not tremble off-and was 14 minutes before the end. It now went back as well as forth, Book grew more powerful, ultimately it was limited.

42.: Germany takes way too much time for this assault. The arm of the referees increases as well as the DHB team sheds the round. Poland utilizes the ice-cold to the tempo step-17: 16.

36.: Emily Book then makes it far better and takes the lead for the DHB group.

46.: Poland leads once more. In the assault, Germany makes an unnecessary loss of sphere and also the Polishes utilize this immediately. 18:19.

Handball EM of females: Germany vs. Poland currently in the real-time ticker.

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13.: That is fantastic played by the German group. Johanna Stock Schrader is played easily left wing and also meets 5: 6.

30.: Soon afterwards is a break!

22.: Germany can shorten to one counter, however the attempt goes to the blog post. In direct return, King Accrue fulfills Poland.

4.: and there is the very first start parade from Katharina Filter. Germany sheds the round in the building game. However, the German goalkeeper prevents the speed.

8.: and also Poland increases the lead. Magda Balsam stands once more on the 7-meter line as well as defeated filters.

Verdict: For Germany, today’s triumph was the hoped-for start of the European Championship. 60.: a few seconds can still be played here. 32.: and there is the equilibrium. 23.: This is bitter. 4.: and also there is the very first beginning parade from Katharina Filter.

21.: Germany is exceeded, Alina Grijseels obtained a 2-minute penalty. Emily Book does not maintain this from 7: 9.

Handball EM of women: Germany vs. Poland currently in the end of the real-time ticker 1st half.

60.: Yes! The Pole ladies still obtain a complimentary throw, yet the attempt is obstructed. Germany wins against Poland at the beginning of the European Championship!

Like all various other video games of the event, you can adhere to the game between Germany and also Poland completely length atSportdeutschland.tv _. You can even get access to the livestream totally free of cost.

half-time verdict: with 12:11 Poland leads against Markus Gaulish’s DHB group. Poland was the much better team, particularly at the start of the video game. The video game around DHB captain Emily Book, on the various other hand, was characterized by several errors as well as sphere losses. The Are Sens tad group was able to relocate away to four goals. Germany caught itself in the training course of the season as well as did not decrease 11:12 before the break.

37.: Shortly after that Are Sens tad takes the first break in the second fifty percent.

Before the start: The DHB group encounters the hall then. We are awaiting the hymns.

26.: and also Germany makes use of the bulk. The DHB group runs the sphere well as discovers Lisa Anti on the circle, that meets 8:11.

Before the beginning: | at 8.30 p.m. it begins, played in the Sport ski Center Maraca in the Montenegrin funding Podgorica.


Handball EM of women: Germany vs. Poland today on television as well as livestream.

Prior to the start: | Hey there and welcome to the initial group game of the German national group as part of the lady’s handball European Championship. The opponent of the Germans is Poland.

39.: After greater than four mins, the Polishes score an additional goal. Kobylinska shortens at 14:16.

Verdict: Germany wins versus Poland with 25:23 at the beginning of the European Championship. Emily Book and Alina Grijseels finally led the DHB group to a narrow success in Team D.

1.: It starts.

Handball EM of women: Germany vs. Poland-the last rating

Conclusion: For Germany, today’s victory was the hoped-for start of the European Championship. The group of DHB trainer Markus Gaulish will certainly satisfy host Montenegro next Monday. Poland later measures Spain a day.

Handball EM of ladies: Germany vs. Poland in the live ticker for reading.

Before the start: The dress wedding rehearsal for today’s duel against Poland did not go according to plan for the DHB group. Against Romania, Germany revealed a blended performance in the last European Champion examination. Completion outcome is 29:29. Does the DHB team make it much better for the European Championship start today?

36.: Petersen has the lead in mind. Falls short due to the strong Polish goalkeeper.

28.: 9:11. Which’s played again by the German team. Again Johanna Stock Schrader is totally free left wing and also puts the sphere alongside the posts.

Before the beginning: Now the nationwide anthems run in Montenegro. It can begin as soon as possible.

58.: that’s strong! Isabel Rock comes right into the goal for the 7 meters and keeps the attempt by Magda Balsam. Quickly later on, Stock Schrader accomplishes 25:23 for Germany.

37.: And also again the DHB captain exists! Emily Book ratings a terrific objective from the back area for 15:13.

15.: , nonetheless, awards Julia Maidhood. It continues 7: 5 for Poland.